path: root/drivers/media/video/gspca/conex.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-01-19[media] gspca: Remove __devinit, __devinitconst and __devinitdataJean-François Moine
2010-10-21[media] gspca: Fix coding style issuesJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - all modules: Remove useless module load/unload messagesJean-François Moine
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: gspca - JPEG subdrivers: Don't allocate the JPEG headerJean-François Moine
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13899): gspca - all subdrivers: Make control descriptors constant.Marton Nemeth
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13898): gspca - some subdrivers: Make sd_desc const.Márton Németh
2009-12-16V4L/DVB (13621): gspca - some subdrivers: Make device_table[]s constant.Márton Németh
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13453): gspca - all subdrivers: Remove the unused frame ptr from pkt...Jean-Francois Moine
2009-09-12V4L/DVB (12478): ARRAY_SIZE changesMauro Carvalho Chehab
2009-07-24V4L/DVB (12284): gspca - jpeg subdrivers: Check the result of kmalloc(jpeg he...Julia Lawall
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (11040): gspca - most jpeg subdrivers: Have the JPEG quality settable.Jean-Francois Moine
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (11039): gspca - most jpeg subdrivers: Change the JPEG header creation.Jean-Francois Moine
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10345): gspca - jpeg subdrivers: One quantization table per subdriver.Jean-Francois Moine
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10336): gspca - all subdrivers: Return ret instead of -1 in sd_mod_i...Alexey Klimov
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10335): gspca - all subdrivers: Fix CodingStyle in sd_mod_init funct...Alexey Klimov
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10333): gspca - main and many subdrivers: Remove the epaddr variable.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (10049): gspca - many subdrivers: Set 'const' the pixel format table.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-11-24V4L/DVB (9689): gspca: Memory leak when disconnect while streaming.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-10-12V4L/DVB (9079): gspca: Return error code from stream start functions.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-09-04V4L/DVB (8881): gspca: After 'while (retry--) {...}', retry will be -1 but no...Li Zefan
2008-09-03V4L/DVB (8829): gspca: Have a clean kmalloc-ated buffer for USB exchanges.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-09-03V4L/DVB (8822): gspca: Change some subdriver functions for suspend/resume.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-09-03V4L/DVB (8718): gspca: suspend/resume added.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-08-06V4L/DVB (8571): gspca: Don't use CONFIG_VIDEO_ADV_DEBUG as a compile option.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-27V4L/DVB (8513): gspca: Set the specific per webcam information in driver_info.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-27V4L/DVB (8512): gspca: Do not use the driver_info field of usb_device_id.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-23V4L/DVB (8442): gspca: Remove the version from the subdrivers.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8352): gspca: Buffers for USB exchanges cannot be in the stack.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8201): gspca: v4l2_pix_format in each subdriver.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8195): gspca: Input buffer overwritten in spca561 + cleanup code.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8193): gspca: Input buffer may be changed on reg write.Jean-Francois Moine
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8157): gspca: all subdriversJean-Francois Moine