path: root/arch/ia64/kvm/vtlb.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-27KVM: ia64: fix build breakage due to host spinlock changeLuck, Tony
2009-06-30[IA64] Remove unnecessary semicolonsJoe Perches
2009-06-10KVM: ia64: enable external interrupt in vmmYang Zhang
2009-03-31Pull pvops into release branchTony Luck
2009-03-26ia64/pv_ops/binary patch: define paravirt_dv_serialize_data() and suppress fa...Isaku Yamahata
2009-03-24KVM: ia64: vTLB change for enabling windows 2008 bootXiantao Zhang
2009-03-24KVM: ia64: Code cleanupXiantao Zhang
2008-12-31KVM: ia64: Re-organize data sturure of guests' data areaXiantao Zhang
2008-10-15KVM: ia64: add directed mmio range support for kvm guestsXiantao Zhang
2008-04-27KVM: ia64: Add TLB virtulization supportXiantao Zhang