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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-06-13Blackfin: hook up new rt_tgsigqueueinfo syscallMike Frysinger
2009-06-13Blackfin: fix deadlock in SMP IPI handlerSonic Zhang
2009-06-13Blackfin: add blackfin_invalidate_entire_icache for SMP systemsSonic Zhang
2009-06-13Blackfin: only handle CPLB protection violations when MPU is enabledRobin Getz
2009-06-12Blackfin: check SIC defines rather than variant namesMike Frysinger
2009-06-12Blackfin: fix command line corruption with DEBUG_DOUBLEFAULTMike Frysinger
2009-06-12Blackfin: drop unused reserve_pda() functionGraf Yang
2009-06-12Blackfin: make deferred hardware errors more exactRobin Getz
2009-06-12Blackfin: add note about anomaly 05000242 being worked aroundMike Frysinger
2009-06-12Blackfin: work around anomaly 05000220Graf Yang
2009-06-12Blackfin: add support for gptimer0 as a tick sourceGraf Yang
2009-06-12Blackfin: annotate anomaly 05000120Graf Yang
2009-06-12Blackfin: detect anomaly 05000274Sonic Zhang
2009-06-12Blackfin: workaround anomaly 05000227Mike Frysinger
2009-06-12Blackfin: simplify the do_flush macroMike Frysinger
2009-06-12Blackfin: merge Philippe's recent ipipe patchPhilippe Gerum
2009-06-12Blackfin: fix data cache flushing when doing icache flushingMike Frysinger
2009-06-12Blackfin: fix link failure due to CONFIG_EXCEPTION_L1_SCRATCHGraf Yang
2009-06-12Blackfin: add comment for anomaly 05000171 to init codeMichael Hennerich
2009-05-27Blackfin: hook up preadv/pwritev syscallsMike Frysinger
2009-03-28Blackfin arch: Blacklist Hibernate (PM_SUSPEND_MEM) on BF561 as wellMichael Hennerich
2009-03-06Blackfin arch: remove duplicated ANOMALY_05000448 ifdef checkMike Frysinger
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: fix bug - On bf548-ezkit, ethernet fails to work after wakeup ...Michael Hennerich
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: Random read/write errors are a bad thingRobin Getz
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: Fix bug - KGDB single step into the middle of a 4 bytes instru...Sonic Zhang
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: make sure people do not set the kernel load address too highMike Frysinger
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: fix bug - The SPORT_HYS bit is not set for BF561 0.5Enrik Berkhan
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: fix bug - kgdb fails to continue after setting breakpoint on b...Sonic Zhang
2009-03-04Blackfin arch: Update adeos blackfin arch patch to 1.9-00Philippe Gerum
2009-02-04Blackfin arch: fix 2 bugs related to debugJie Zhang
2009-02-04Blackfin arch: Fix bug - 561 SMP kernel can't boot from jffs2Graf Yang
2009-02-04Blackfin arch: base SIC_IWR# programming on whether the MMR existsMike Frysinger
2009-02-04Blackfin arch: Fix URLRobin Getz
2009-02-04Blackfin arch: Fix Bug - Kernel does not boot if re-program clocksMichael Hennerich
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: remove hardware PM code, oprofile not use itGraf Yang
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: merge adeos blackfin part to arch/blackfin/Yi Li
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: Faster C implementation of no-MPU CPLB handlerBernd Schmidt
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: Fix incorrect use of loose in cpufreq.cNick Andrew
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: rename MAX_BLACKFIN_DMA_CHANNEL to MAX_DMA_CHANNELS to match e...Mike Frysinger
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: get oprofile work for user spaceGraf Yang
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: fix bugs and unify BFIN_KERNEL_CLOCK optionMichael Hennerich
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: Allow a gpio pin be requested both as gpio and irq.Graf Yang
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: Request the gpio resource when making it as an irq pin, avoidi...Graf Yang
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: Add code to free gpio when shutdown irqGraf Yang
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: fix bug - reboot fails on BF527Mike Frysinger
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: rename cache_lock() to bfin_cache_lock()Mike Frysinger
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: fix building with CONFIG_DEBUG_DOUBLEFAULTMike Frysinger
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: rename irq_flags to bfin_irq_flagsMike Frysinger
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: move SIC_SYSIRQ() to the one file that actually uses itMike Frysinger
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: rewrite blackfin_invalidate_entire_dcache functionMike Frysinger