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2008-07-14tipc: Eliminate improper use of TIPC_OK error codeAllan Stephens
2008-07-14tipc: Fix race condition that could cause accept() to failAllan Stephens
2008-07-14tipc: Optimize pointer dereferencing when receiving stream dataAllan Stephens
2008-07-14tipc: Remove unneeded parameter to tipc_createport_raw()Allan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Message rejection rework preparatory changesAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Fix bugs in rejection of message with short headerAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Message header creation optimizationsAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Expand link sequence gap field to 13 bitsAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Add missing spinlock in name table display codeAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Prevent display of name table types with no publicationsAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Optimize message initialization routineAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Prevent access of non-existent field in short message headerAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Minor optimizations to received message processingAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Fix minor bugs in link session number handlingAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Fix bugs in message error code display when debuggingAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Standardize error checking on incoming messages via native APIAllan Stephens
2008-06-04tipc: Fix bug in connection setup via native APIAllan Stephens
2008-05-21tipc: Fix initialization sequence problems when entering network modeAllan Stephens
2008-05-21tipc: Update "previous node" indicators when node address changesAllan Stephens
2008-05-21tipc: Optimize null pointer check during neighbor discoveryAllan Stephens
2008-05-21tipc: Prevent node object duplication due to simultaneous discoveryAllan Stephens
2008-05-21tipc: Fix skb_under_panic when configuring TIPC without privilegesAllan Stephens
2008-05-19tipc: Cosmetic cleanup of topology service codeAllan Stephens
2008-05-19tipc: Consolidate subscriber & subscriber port referencesAllan Stephens
2008-05-19tipc: Fix bug in topology server byte swapping routineAllan Stephens
2008-05-19tipc: Add support for customized subscription endiannessAllan Stephens
2008-05-19tipc: Add support for customized subscription overlap handlingAllan Stephens
2008-05-15Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/...David S. Miller
2008-05-12tipc: Fix race condition when creating socket or native portAllan Stephens
2008-05-12tipc: Enhancements to name table initializationAllan Stephens
2008-05-08tipc: Increase buffer header to support worst-case deviceAllan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Update version number to TIPC 1.6.4Allan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Exclude debug-only print buffer code when not debuggingAllan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Cosmetic cleanup of system & debug output declarationsAllan Stephens
2008-05-05[TIPC]: Cosmetic cleanup of print buffer codeAllan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Elimination of print buffer chainingAllan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Fix null pointer dereference in debug codeAllan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Fix recursive spinlock invocation in print buffer codeAllan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Provide feedback when log buffer resizing failsAllan Stephens
2008-05-05tipc: Simplify log buffer resizingAllan Stephens
2008-04-27tipc: endianness annotationsAl Viro
2008-04-25net: Fix wrong interpretation of some copy_to_user() results.Pavel Emelyanov
2008-04-16[TIPC]: Cleanup of TIPC reference table codeAllan Stephens
2008-04-16[TIPC]: Optimized initialization of TIPC reference tableAllan Stephens
2008-04-16[TIPC]: Remove inlining of reference table locking routinesAllan Stephens
2008-04-15[TIPC]: Enhance validation of format on incoming messagesAllan Stephens
2008-04-15[TIPC]: Force linearization of non-linear sk_buffsAllan Stephens
2008-04-15[TIPC]: Use fast buffer cloning to improve performanceAllan Stephens
2008-04-15[TIPC]: Remove redundant NULL check when discarding buffersAllan Stephens
2008-04-15[TIPC]: Overhaul of socket locking logicAllan Stephens