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2008-04-14Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/kaber/...David S. Miller
2008-04-14Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: bridge: add ebt_nflog watcherPeter Warasin
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: replace NF_CT_DUMP_TUPLE macro indrection by funct...Jan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_nat: use bool type in nf_nat_protoJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: use bool type in struct nf_conntrack_tuple.hJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: use bool type in struct nf_conntrack_l4protoJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: use bool type in struct nf_conntrack_l3protoJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: Remove unused callbacks in nf_conntrack_l3protoJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: add tuplehash l3num/protonum accessorsPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_nat: kill helper and seq_adjust hooksPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_extend: warn on confirmed conntracksPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_nat: don't add NAT extension for confirmed conntracksPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: add DCCP protocol supportPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: Add partial checksum validation helperPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_nat: remove unused name from struct nf_nat_protocolPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_nat: move NAT ctnetlink helpers to nf_nat_proto_commonPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: nf_nat: add helpers for common NAT protocol operationsPatrick McHardy
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: remove arpt_(un)register_target indirection macrosJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: remove arpt_target indirection macroJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: remove arpt_table indirection macroJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: annotate {arp,ip,ip6,x}tables with constJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: xt_sctp: simplify xt_sctp.hJan Engelhardt
2008-04-14[NETFILTER]: ip_tables: per-netns FILTER/MANGLE/RAW tables for realAlexey Dobriyan
2008-04-14[SKB]: __skb_queue_tail = __skb_insert beforeGerrit Renker
2008-04-14[SKB]: __skb_append = __skb_queue_after Gerrit Renker
2008-04-14[SKB]: __skb_queue_after(prev) = __skb_insert(prev, prev->next)Gerrit Renker
2008-04-14[SKB]: __skb_dequeue = skb_peek + __skb_unlinkGerrit Renker
2008-04-13[IPV6]: Use appropriate sock tclass setting for routing lookup.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-13[IPV6]: IPv6 extension header structures need to be packed.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-13[IPV6] MROUTE: Do not call ipv6_find_idev() directly.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-13[NETNS][DCCPV6]: Move the dccp_v6_ctl_sk on the struct net.Pavel Emelyanov
2008-04-13[NETNS][DCCPV4]: Move the dccp_v4_ctl_sk on the struct net.Pavel Emelyanov
2008-04-13[NETNS]: Add an empty netns_dccp structure on struct net.Pavel Emelyanov
2008-04-13[TCP]: Remove owner from tcp_seq_afinfo.Denis V. Lunev
2008-04-13[TCP]: Place file operations directly into tcp_seq_afinfo.Denis V. Lunev
2008-04-13[TCP]: Move seq_ops from tcp_iter_state to tcp_seq_afinfo.Denis V. Lunev
2008-04-13[TCP]: Replace struct net on tcp_iter_state with seq_net_private.Denis V. Lunev
2008-04-12Merge branch 'net-2.6.26-misc-20080412b' of git://git.linux-ipv6.org/gitroot/...David S. Miller
2008-04-12LSM: Make the Labeled IPsec hooks more stack friendlyPaul Moore
2008-04-12NetLabel: Allow passing the LSM domain as a shared pointerPaul Moore
2008-04-12net: make struct tun_struct private to tun.cRusty Russell
2008-04-12[SCTP]: Fix compiler warning about const qualifiersVlad Yasevich
2008-04-12[SCTP]: Fix protocol violation when receiving an error lenght INIT-ACKGui Jianfeng
2008-04-12[IPV6] MIP6: Use our standard definitions for paddings.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-12[IPV6]: Define constants for link-local multicast addresses.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-12[IPV6]: Make address arguments const.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-12[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Uninline ipv6_isatap_eui64().YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-12[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Uninline ipv6_addr_hash().YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-04-12[IPV6]: Use XOR and OR rather than mutiple ands for ipv6 address comparisons.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki