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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-06-20Merge Zaurus branchRussell King
2006-06-20Merge AT91 branchRussell King
2006-06-20[ARM] 3599/1: AT91RM9200 remove global variablesAndrew Victor
2006-06-20[ARM] 3607/1: AT91RM9200 misc fixesAndrew Victor
2006-06-20[ARM] 3605/1: AT91RM9200 Power ManagementAndrew Victor
2006-06-20[ARM] 3603/1: AT91RM9200 remove old filesAndrew Victor
2006-06-20[ARM] 3606/1: PXA27x SSP Register definitionsLiam Girdwood
2006-06-20[ARM] 3602/1: ixp23xx: fix two typosLennert Buytenhek
2006-06-19[ARM] 3594/1: Poodle: Add touchscreen support + other updatesRichard Purdie
2006-06-19[ARM] 3564/1: sharpsl_pm: Abstract some machine specific parametersRichard Purdie
2006-06-19[ARM] 3561/1: Poodle: Correct the MMC/SD power controlRichard Purdie
2006-06-19[ARM] 3593/1: Add reboot and shutdown handlers for Zaurus handheldsRichard Purdie
2006-06-19[ARM] 3592/1: AT91RM9200 Serial driver updateAndrew Victor
2006-06-19[ARM] 3590/1: AT91RM9200 Platform devices supportAndrew Victor
2006-06-19[ARM] 3587/1: AT91RM9200 hardware headersAndrew Victor
2006-06-19[ARM] 3586/1: AT91RM9200 header updateAndrew Victor
2006-06-19[ARM] Fix byte order macros for ThumbH. Peter Anvin
2006-06-19[ARM] 3569/2: netX: driver for XMAC/XPEC enginesSascha Hauer
2006-06-19[ARM] 3568/2: netX: pointer fifo driverSascha Hauer
2006-06-19[ARM] 3567/2: arm: base support for Hilscher netXSascha Hauer
2006-06-19[ARM] 3581/1: AT91RM9200 Internal SRAMAndrew Victor
2006-06-19[ARM] 3566/1: netX: register definitionsSascha Hauer
2006-06-18[ARM] 3559/1: S3C2442: core and serial portBen Dooks
2006-06-18[ARM] 3554/1: ARM: Fix dyntick lockingTony Lindgren
2006-06-18[ARM] 3552/1: S3C24XX: Move VA of GPIO for low-level debugBen Dooks
2006-06-18[ARM] 3465/1: [1/3] Support for Philips PNX4008 platform: headersVitaly Wool
2006-06-18[ARM] 3401/1: lpd7a40x: platform updateMarc Singer
2006-06-18[ARM] 3400/1: lpd7a40x: platform headers updateMarc Singer
2006-06-08[ARM] 3547/1: PXA-OHCI: Allow platforms to specify a power budgetRichard Purdie
2006-06-05[SERIAL] typo: buad -> baudHorst Schirmeier
2006-06-02[ARM] 3539/1: ixp23xx: fix __arch_ixp23xx_is_coherent() for A1 steppingLennert Buytenhek
2006-05-31[PATCH] ARM: Fix XScale PMD settingDeepak Saxena
2006-05-21[PATCH] pxa2xx-spi updateStephen Street
2006-05-21[PATCH] S3C24XX: hardware SPI driverBen Dooks
2006-05-21[PATCH] S3C24XX: GPIO based SPI driverBen Dooks
2006-05-19[ARM] 3533/1: Implement the __raw_(read|write)_can_lock functions on ARMCatalin Marinas
2006-05-16Merge master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/spi-2.6Linus Torvalds
2006-05-16[PATCH] SPI: add PXA2xx SSP SPI DriverStephen Street
2006-05-16[ARM] 3517/1: move definition of PROC_INFO_SZ from procinfo.h to asm-offsets.hUwe Zeisberger
2006-05-07[ARM] 3506/1: aaec2000: debug-macro.S needs hardware.hBellido Nicolas
2006-05-07[ARM] 3505/1: aaec2000: entry-macro.S needs asm/arch/irqs.hBellido Nicolas
2006-05-07[ARM] 3501/1: i.MX: fix lowlevel debug macrosSascha Hauer
2006-05-05[ARM] 3495/1: EABI: undefine removed syscalls, but...Nicolas Pitre
2006-05-05[ARM] 3500/1: fix PXA27x DMA allocation priorityNicolas Pitre
2006-05-05[ARM] 3494/1: asm-arm/bug.h needs linux/stddef.hNicolas Pitre
2006-05-04[ARM] 3490/1: i.MX: move uart resources to board filesSascha Hauer
2006-04-30[ARM] 3487/1: IXP4xx: Support non-PCI systemsDeepak Saxena
2006-04-30[ARM] 3486/1: Mark memory as clobbered by the ARM _syscallX() macrosMarkus Gutschke
2006-04-15Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-armLinus Torvalds
2006-04-15[ARM] 3477/1: ARM EABI: undefine removed syscallsNicolas Pitre