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authorSuresh Jayaraman <sjayaraman@suse.de>2009-09-30 10:53:48 +0200
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swapfile: avoid NULL pointer dereference in swapon when s_bdev is NULL
While testing Swap over NFS patchset, I noticed an oops that was triggered during swapon. Investigating further, the NULL pointer deference is due to the SSD device check/optimization in the swapon code that assumes s_bdev could never be NULL. inode->i_sb->s_bdev could be NULL in a few cases. For e.g. one such case is loopback NFS mount, there could be others as well. Fix this by ensuring s_bdev is not NULL before we try to deference s_bdev. Signed-off-by: Suresh Jayaraman <sjayaraman@suse.de> Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <jens.axboe@oracle.com>
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