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[ARM] pxa: re-order platforms in Kconfig and Makefile
Due to the naming mess in Kconfig and Makefile, I'd like to get them sorted in the following order: 1. By category: Intel/Marvell Dev Platforms, followed by 3rd party platforms, followed by end-user products (this is to ensure the commonly referenced platforms will appear first) 2. By vendor name in alphabetic within each category (this is to ensure code reuse and similar platforms can be grouped as much as possible) VENDOR BOARD Intel/Marvell Lubbock Intel/Marvell Mainstone Intel/Marvell Zylonite Intel/Marvell Littleton Intel/Marvell TavorEVB Intel/Marvell SAAR Accelent IDP Arcom/Eurotech VIPER Community Balloon3 Cogent CSB726 CompuLab EM_X270 CompuLab EXEDA CompuLab ARMCORE CompuLab CM_X300 Gumstix Gumstix Intel Research MOTE2 Intel research Stargate2 Iskratel XCEP Keith and Koep Trizeps4 LogicPD LPD270 Phytec PCM027 Toradex Colibri HP HX4700 HP H5000 HTC Himalaya HTC Magician Mitac MioA701 Motorola EZX NEC MP900C Palm Palm PDA Palm Palm GSM Sharp Zaurus Toshiba E-Series Signed-off-by: Eric Miao <eric.y.miao@gmail.com>
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