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2010-12-21ENGR00137214 MX50: Turn on ZQ calib config by default and fix hang problemrel_imx_2.6.35_10.12.01_RC4rel_imx_2.6.35_10.12.01_RC3Robby Cai
2010-12-10MX51: Add video supportStefano Babic
2010-12-10MX51: Add IPU driver for video supportStefano Babic
2010-12-10Add linux framebuffer header include/linux/fb.hStefano Babic
2010-12-08ENGR00136042 Add ZQ calib config and update script for DDR2Robby Cai
2010-12-08ENGR00136031 mfgtool: sync config file for mx50 rdpPeter Chen
2010-12-07ENGR00134220-2 Need use CONFIG_SYS_NAND_MAX_CHIPSJason Liu
2010-12-07ENGR00134220-1 NAND: fix up the chip select handlingJason Liu
2010-12-03NAND: Update to support 64 bit device sizeSandeep Paulraj
2010-12-01ENGR00133744: Merge mx50_arm2 to mx50_rdpTerry Lv
2010-12-01ENGR00025557: MX50 Add ZQ calibration support for TO1.1.1.Terry Lv
2010-12-01ENGR00133437 MX50 Uboot support for TO 1.1.1 precodeAnish Trivedi
2010-12-01ENGR00133579 Uboot ESDHCv3 Remove workaround for DLLAnish Trivedi
2010-11-26ENGR00134098-2 MX53: Add fastboot support for android.Sammy He
2010-11-26ENGR00134098-1 MX51: Update fastboot usb init seqSammy He
2010-11-18ENGR00133124: Add nand support for mx50 rdpTerry Lv
2010-11-19ENGR00133551-2 Add fastboot driver support for android.Sammy He
2010-11-18ENGR00133551-1 Add freescale usb udc support for i.mx51 platform.Sammy He
2010-11-17ENGR00133743 Change code style of fastboot code to pass review-commits.Sammy He
2010-11-16Get common/cmd_fastboot.c and include/fastboot.h from omap uboot git.Tom Rix
2010-11-15ENGR00132909 MX53 Uboot: Support for TO2Anish Trivedi
2010-11-04ENGR00133049 Support nand flash for MX28Frank Li
2010-10-22ENGR00132886 mx50-rdp: add mx50 rdp board mfg-tool firmware defconfigPeter Chen
2010-10-19ENGR00132759 MX53: use 32K CLK as GPT sourceLily Zhang
2010-10-19ENGR00132758 correct NFC_CLK definitionLily Zhang
2010-10-17ENGR00132617 MX53: add NAND supportLily Zhang
2010-10-15ENGR00132656 MX53 ARD: Add MFG tool supportLily Zhang
2010-10-15ENGR00132618 MX53 MFG:use serial_mxc as uart driverLily Zhang
2010-09-26ENGR00131936 MX5X corrent mx53_evk mx51_BBG android default env settingZhang Jiejing
2010-09-25ENGR00131924: using ext4 as default recovery filesystemZhang Jiejing
2010-09-22ENGR00131840 MX53 ARD:use serial_mxc as uart driverLily Zhang
2010-09-21ENGR00131691 MX50 RDP UbootAnish Trivedi
2010-09-21ENGR00131779: Use serial_mxc as uart driver for all platformsTerry Lv
2010-09-21ENGR00131792: Fix mx50 lpddr2 build errorsTerry Lv
2010-09-20ENGR00131705-3 Import new mach-type header fileLily Zhang
2010-09-20ENGR00131705-2 Add MX53 ARD supportLily Zhang
2010-09-20ENGR00131662: Fix that iram boot don't workTerry Lv
2010-09-20ENGR00131578: Add android recovery mode support for mx53Terry Lv
2010-09-19ENGR00127167: Add gpmi nfc and apbh dma support for mx50.Terry Lv
2010-09-19ENGR00131712 UBOOT:add DDR2 support for IMX50Huang Shijie
2010-09-10ENGR00127368 UBOOT: Make the android recovery code common for platformsrel_imx_2.6.31_10.09.00Xinyu Chen
2010-08-27ENGR00126764 MX50: Set the memroy size to 512M on LPDDR2 boardJason Liu
2010-08-11ENGR00126079: Add clk command support for mx51Terry Lv
2010-08-04ENGR00125237: Fix incorrect copyright info.Terry Lv
2010-08-03ENGR00125324: Add splash screen code and support for epdcrel-imx-2.6.31-10.08.01rel-imx-2.6.31-10.08.00Terry Lv
2010-07-30ENGR00125757 mx28: change the boot mode offset to TO1.2 versionAisheng.Dong
2010-07-30ENGR00125735 iMX28 read mac address from fuseFrank Li
2010-07-27ENGR00125613 mfg-tool: Add mx50 mfg firmware supportPeter Chen
2010-07-22ENGR00125220 MX28: SD(slot0)boot dhcp failedJason Liu
2010-07-20ENGR00125036 Uboot Add eMMC 4.4 supportAnish Trivedi