path: root/debian/rules
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-03-07LINARO: add full path to target to rulesJohn Rigby
2011-03-07debian/rules: remove -Bsymbolic-functions from LDFLAGSJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: use default compiler againJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Pass CC to make to force gcc-4.4Loïc Minier
2011-03-07LINARO: Build with gcc 4.4 for now as 4.5 breaks u-boot for some reasonLoïc Minier
2011-03-07LINARO: Packaging: cleanup and add new Overo targetLoïc Minier
2011-03-07LINARO: Packaging clean upJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Build one deb per targetJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Add per platform make targetsJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Initial Linaro U-Boot treeJohn Rigby