path: root/cpu/ppc4xx/4xx_pci.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-13ppc: Move cpu/$CPU to arch/ppc/cpu/$CPUPeter Tyser
2009-11-19ppc4xx: Consolidate pci_master_init() functionStefan Roese
2009-11-19ppc4xx: Consolidate pci_pre_init() functionStefan Roese
2009-11-19ppc4xx: Consolidate pci_target_init() functionStefan Roese
2009-11-09ppc4xx: Remove duplicated is_pci_host() functionsStefan Roese
2009-10-07ppc_4xx: Apply new HW register namesNiklaus Giger
2009-09-11ppc4xx: Big cleanup of PPC4xx definesStefan Roese
2009-09-10ppc4xx: Allow overwriting pci target registers for all 4xx boardsMatthias Fuchs
2009-08-09Dual-license IBM code contributionsJosh Boyer
2009-07-10ppc4xx: Set default PCI device ID for 405EP boardsMatthias Fuchs
2009-07-10ppc4xx: Move 405EP pci code from cpu_init_f() to __pci_pre_init()Matthias Fuchs
2009-07-08ppc4xx: Implement is_pci_host() for 405 CPUsMatthias Fuchs
2009-03-20ppc4xx: Fix bug in PCI outbound map configuration for canyonlandsAnatolij Gustschin
2009-02-07pci: Rename PCI_REGION_MEMORY to PCI_REGION_SYS_MEMORY for clarityKumar Gala
2009-02-06ppc4xx: Make PCIE support selectableDirk Eibach
2008-10-21Cleanup: fix "MHz" spellingWolfgang Denk
2008-10-18rename CFG_ macros to CONFIG_SYSJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-05-21Big white-space cleanup.Wolfgang Denk
2008-03-15ppc4xx: Add basic support for AMCC 460EX/460GT (1/5)Stefan Roese
2008-01-09fix comments with new drivers organizationMarcel Ziswiler
2007-10-31ppc4xx: Cleanup of 4xx PCI and PCIe support (renaming)Stefan Roese
2007-10-31ppc4xx: Rename 405gp_pci to 4xx_pci since its used on all 4xx platformsStefan Roese