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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-07ENGR00134220-3 Fix the nand bad command issueJason Liu
2010-11-19ENGR00133551-2 Add fastboot driver support for android.Sammy He
2010-11-17ENGR00133743 Change code style of fastboot code to pass review-commits.Sammy He
2010-11-16Get common/cmd_fastboot.c and include/fastboot.h from omap uboot git.Tom Rix
2010-10-19ENGR00132758 correct NFC_CLK definitionLily Zhang
2010-10-18ENGR00132709 MX53: add "clk nfc" command supportLily Zhang
2010-08-04ENGR00125237: Fix incorrect copyright info.Terry Lv
2010-07-20ENGR00125036 Uboot Add eMMC 4.4 supportAnish Trivedi
2010-07-16ENGR00123924: Reconstructure fuse files and add fuse to mx53.Terry Lv
2010-07-01ENGR00124819 Uboot reading/writing sd card failsAnish Trivedi
2010-06-24ENGR00123782 Fix boot partition problem for emmcAnish Trivedi
2010-06-24ENGR00122651: Add dwc_ahsata supportTerry Lv
2010-06-02ENGR00124100: Add support for saving env data to active mmc deviceTerry Lv
2010-05-31ENGR00123551: Add mx25 splash screen supportTerry Lv
2010-05-14ENGR00123418: Add peripheral clock setup supportTerry Lv
2010-05-11ENGR00123278: Support clock operation functionsTerry Lv
2010-04-29ENGR00122980: Change default env dev to mmc for bbgTerry Lv
2010-03-30ENGR00119033: System can not find MMC/SD card in SD slot 1Terry Lv
2010-03-19ENGR00121779 Support a single kernel image on MX5x partsDinh Nguyen
2010-02-08ENGR00120830: Add eMMC and eSD fast boot supportTerry Lv
2009-12-04ENGR00118978: Timer adjustment for all platformsFred Fan
2009-11-12ENGR00118362: Correct recovery NAND cmdTerry Lv
2009-11-11ENGR00118294: Misc changes for v2009.08 upgrade.Terry Lv
2009-11-04ENGR00117616: PATA support in u-boot.Terry Lv
2009-11-03u-boot v2009.08 sd/mmc support.Terry Lv
2009-09-14ENGR00116472-1 U-BOOT upgrade to V2009.08Fred Fan
2009-09-10ENGR00114201: Add MMC configs to mx35 3stack config file.Terry Lv
2009-09-10ENGR00112273 BBG2: MMC boot support.Terry Lv
2009-08-30bugfix CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_INFO_QUIETDavid Brownell
2009-08-09fdt: Fix fdt_pci_dma_ranges handling of 64-bit rangesKumar Gala
2009-08-09hush: Fix bogus free() callPeter Tyser
2009-08-09env: kill off default_environment_sizeMike Frysinger
2009-08-09export SPI functions to standalone appsMike Frysinger
2009-08-04Merge branch 'next' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-coldfireWolfgang Denk
2009-07-28Fix ext2load return codeWolfgang Denk
2009-07-27Less verbose output when loading vxworks 6.x imagesNiklaus Giger
2009-07-27Fix compiler warnings after loff_t changeKyungmin Park
2009-07-25video: move extern declarations from C to headersAlessandro Rubini
2009-07-23Coding Style cleanup; update CHANGELOG.Wolfgang Denk
2009-07-23Remove static declaration from gunzip_bmp()Mark Jackson
2009-07-23cmd_tsi148: General cleanupPeter Tyser
2009-07-23Re-add support for image type 'Standalone Program'Detlev Zundel
2009-07-23Add error checking for unsupported OS types.Detlev Zundel
2009-07-22Add DNS supportRobin Getz
2009-07-22Refresh LZMA-lib to v4.65Luigi 'Comio' Mantellini
2009-07-20ubi: help message correctionAndrzej Wolski
2009-07-19common: fix 'dummy' is used uninitialized in this function warningKim Phillips
2009-07-19cmd_flash.c: fix fix compile error for boards with DataFlashWolfgang Denk
2009-07-19Add support for the Tundra TSI148 VME-bridgeReinhard Arlt
2009-07-19console: unify printing current devicesJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD