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2009-09-11ppc4xx: Big cleanup of PPC4xx definesStefan Roese
2009-08-18ppc4xx: Fix "chip_config" command for AMCC ArchesStefan Roese
2009-07-30ppc4xx: Add support for PPC460EX/460GT rev B chip to AMCC CanyonlandsStefan Roese
2009-07-28ppc4xx: Fix problem with NOR range assignment in Canyonlands ft_board_setupStefan Roese
2009-07-28ppc4xx: Add some NAND-booting bootstrap entries to Kilauea chip_config cmdStefan Roese
2009-07-28ppc4xx: Fix Arches DDR2 initializationStefan Roese
2009-07-24ppc4xx: Add chip_config command to AMCC Kilauea eval boardStefan Roese
2009-07-24Add "chip_config" command for PPC4xx bootstrap configurationStefan Roese
2009-07-08ppc4xx: Fix FDT EBC mappings on CanyonlandsFelix Radensky
2009-06-12General help message cleanupWolfgang Denk
2009-06-12ppc4xx: Add Sequoia RAM-booting targetStefan Roese
2009-04-16ppc4xx: Remove unused code for Sequoia NAND booting versionStefan Roese
2009-04-16ppc4xx: Fixup chip-selects in dtb for NAND-booting SequoiaStefan Roese
2009-03-26ppc4xx: Sequoia: Fix TLB reassignment in NAND booting codeStefan Roese
2009-03-20Fix all linker script to handle all rodata sectionsTrent Piepho
2009-03-17Fix AMCC Sequoia board DDR memory configurationMikhail Zolotaryov
2009-02-12ppc4xx: Fix problem with board_eth_init() vs cpu_eth_init() on AMCC boardsStefan Roese
2009-01-28Command usage cleanupPeter Tyser
2009-01-28amcc: Clean up command usage outputPeter Tyser
2009-01-28Standardize command usage messages with cmd_usage()Peter Tyser
2008-11-21ppc4xx: Changed 460EX/GT OCM TLB and internal SRAM initializationDave Mitchell
2008-11-21ppc4xx: Added ppc4xx-isram.h for internal SRAM and L2 cache DCRsDave Mitchell
2008-11-18Align end of bss by 4 bytesSelvamuthukumar
2008-11-02Coding Style cleanup, update CHANGELOGWolfgang Denk
2008-10-21Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-ppc4xxWolfgang Denk
2008-10-21ppc4xx: Add 1.0 & 1.066 GHz to canyonlands bootstrap command for PLL setupStefan Roese
2008-10-21ppc4xx: Add AMCC Arches board support (dual 460GT)Adam Graham
2008-10-21Cleanup: fix "MHz" spellingWolfgang Denk
2008-10-18rename CFG_ macros to CONFIG_SYSJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-09-22ppc4xx: Canyonlands: Remove unnecessary FDT warning upon DTB fixupStefan Roese
2008-09-12Merge branch 'Makefile-next' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armWolfgang Denk
2008-09-12ppc4xx: Fix SDRAM inititialization of multiple 405 based board portsStefan Roese
2008-09-10rename CFG_ENV macros to CONFIG_ENVJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-09-10move cmd_get_data_size to command.cJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-09-10rename environment.c in env_embedded.c to reflect is functionalityJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-09-02Moved initialization of EEPRO100 Ethernet controller to board_eth_init()Ben Warren
2008-08-12Merge branch 'master' of /home/stefan/git/u-boot/u-boot into nextStefan Roese
2008-08-07ppc4xx: Sequoia has two UARTs in "4-pin" mode. Configure the GPIOs as per sch...Steven A. Falco
2008-07-14Merge branch 'master' of /home/stefan/git/u-boot/u-boot into nextStefan Roese
2008-07-13ppc4xx: Remove redundant ft_board_setup() functions from some 4xx boardsStefan Roese
2008-07-11Fix some more printf() format issues.Wolfgang Denk
2008-07-11ppc4xx: Some Rewood cleanups (coding style, leading white spaces)Stefan Roese
2008-07-11ppc4xx: Cleanup Katmai & Yucca PCIe register usageStefan Roese
2008-07-11ppc4xx: Rework 440GX UIC handlingStefan Roese
2008-07-11ppc4xx: Consolidate PPC4xx UIC definesStefan Roese
2008-07-11ppc4xx: Consolidate PPC4xx UIC definesStefan Roese
2008-07-11ppc4xx: Remove redundant ft_board_setup() functions from some 4xx boardsStefan Roese
2008-07-11ppc4xx: Initial framework of the AMCC PPC460SX redwood reference board.Feng Kan
2008-07-10ppc4xx: Fix printf format warnings now visible with the updated format checkStefan Roese