AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-04-29LINARO: u-boot-linaro (2010.12-0ubuntu1ppa6)lt-mx53locoEric Miao
2011-04-29SAUCE: MX53: LoCo: fix incorrect sequence of increasing voltageEric Miao
2011-04-27LINARO: u-boot-linaro (2010.12-0ubuntu1ppa5)Eric Miao
2011-04-27SAUCE: MX53: LoCo: VPU TO2 Errata by increasing peripheral voltageEric Miao
2011-04-21LINARO: u-boot-linaro (2010.12-0ubuntu1ppa4)Eric Miao
2011-04-21SAUCE: MX53: loco: Add power init supportJason Liu
2011-04-21SAUCE: PMIC: Add dialog pmic supportJason Liu
2011-04-21SAUCE: MX5: clock: Add clock config interfaceJason Liu
2011-04-21SAUCE: MX5: Keep L2 cache enabled before jump to kernelJason Liu
2011-03-21LINARO: u-boot-linaro (2010.12-0ubuntu1ppa3)Eric Miao
2011-03-19mx53loco: fix the incorrect MMC device for envEric Miao
2011-03-19mx53loco: define ERRATUM_ESDHC111Eric Miao
2011-03-08LINARO: Add missing package for mx53loco in debian/controlEric Miao
2011-03-07LINARO: Add support for Freescale i.MX53 LoCo boardEric Miao
2011-03-07LINARO: add full path to target to rulesJohn Rigby
2011-03-07Imported Upstream version 2010.12John Rigby
2011-03-07u-boot-linaro-2010.12-0ubuntu1John Rigby
2011-03-07Use 3.0 (quilt) source format so we can use pristine upstream tar.bz2Steve Langasek
2011-03-07debian/rules: remove -Bsymbolic-functions from LDFLAGSJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: use default compiler againJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: new upstream v2010-rc2John Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Pass CC to make to force gcc-4.4Loïc Minier
2011-03-07LINARO: Build with gcc 4.4 for now as 4.5 breaks u-boot for some reasonLoïc Minier
2011-03-07LINARO: Packaging: cleanup and add new Overo targetLoïc Minier
2011-03-07LINARO: 2010.09~rc1.1-0ubuntu3John Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: 2010.09~rc1.1-0ubuntu2John Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Add debian/source/format to quiet lintianJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Change debian/copyright to be GPLv2 onlyJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: updated changelog to reflect upstream fixJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Document upstream changesJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Packaging clean upJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: update upstream base to v2010.09-rc1John Rigby
2011-03-07releasing version 2010.06-695-gbd23130-linaro-0ubuntu1Steve Langasek
2011-03-07document FFeSteve Langasek
2011-03-07Set the Maintainer field per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField 'l...Steve Langasek
2011-03-07Update Vcs-Git to point to linaro stable package repoJohn Rigby
2011-03-07and drop the leading 'v' on the upstream version number, for policy complianceSteve Langasek
2011-03-07Add a Vcs-Git field to document the link back to the source repositorySteve Langasek
2011-03-07Use Ubuntu-appropriate version numberingSteve Langasek
2011-03-07LINARO: u-boot-linaro-v2010.06-695-gbd23130-linaro-4John Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Build one deb per targetJohn Rigby
2011-03-07u-boot-linaro_v2010.06-695-gbd23130-linaro-3John Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: add rsync to build dependenciesJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Add per platform make targetsJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Updated upstream sourcesJohn Rigby
2011-03-07LINARO: Initial Linaro U-Boot treeJohn Rigby
2011-03-07ARM: MX53: support for freescale MX53LOCO boardJason Liu
2011-02-24ARM: OMAP3: Revamp IGEP module default configurationEnric Balletbo i Serra
2011-02-24ARM: OMAP3: Revamp IGEP v2 default configurationEnric Balletbo i Serra
2011-02-24Merge current upstreamJohn Rigby