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authorStelian Pop <stelian@popies.net>2008-05-13 17:31:24 +0200
committerScott Wood <scottwood@freescale.com>2008-05-28 11:06:25 -0500
commit5922db6c0948506be91e0de44e7a6863a18a417f (patch)
treeb2bb938dff0307fc1b9f84281b0ea98490b1623c /common
parent135f0a7488af2947adbe4b40b79280bdfe5e9886 (diff)
Cleanup nand_info[] declaration.
The nand_info array is declared as extern in several .c files. Those days, nand.h contains a reference to the array, so there is no need to declare it elsewhere. Signed-off-by: Stelian Pop <stelian@popies.net> Signed-off-by: Scott Wood <scottwood@freescale.com>
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2 files changed, 0 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/common/cmd_nand.c b/common/cmd_nand.c
index 37eb41b20..37198d21e 100644
--- a/common/cmd_nand.c
+++ b/common/cmd_nand.c
@@ -37,8 +37,6 @@ int find_dev_and_part(const char *id, struct mtd_device **dev,
u8 *part_num, struct part_info **part);
-extern nand_info_t nand_info[]; /* info for NAND chips */
static int nand_dump_oob(nand_info_t *nand, ulong off)
return 0;
diff --git a/common/env_nand.c b/common/env_nand.c
index 70d05ad15..3a98d2b94 100644
--- a/common/env_nand.c
+++ b/common/env_nand.c
@@ -57,9 +57,6 @@ int nand_legacy_rw (struct nand_chip* nand, int cmd,
size_t start, size_t len,
size_t * retlen, u_char * buf);
-/* info for NAND chips, defined in drivers/mtd/nand/nand.c */
-extern nand_info_t nand_info[];
/* references to names in env_common.c */
extern uchar default_environment[];
extern int default_environment_size;