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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-02-15Merge branch 'linus_origin' into hotfixesTrond Myklebust
2008-02-14dentries: Extract common code to remove dentry from lruChristoph Lameter
2008-02-14d_path: Make d_path() use a struct pathJan Blunck
2008-02-14d_path: Make seq_path() use a struct path argumentJan Blunck
2008-02-14Use struct path in struct svc_expkeyJan Blunck
2008-02-14Use struct path in struct svc_exportJan Blunck
2008-02-14d_path: Make get_dcookie() use a struct path argumentJan Blunck
2008-02-14d_path: Make proc_get_link() use a struct path argumentJan Blunck
2008-02-14d_path: kerneldoc cleanupJan Blunck
2008-02-14One less parameter to __d_pathJan Blunck
2008-02-14Make set_fs_{root,pwd} take a struct pathJan Blunck
2008-02-14Use struct path in fs_structJan Blunck
2008-02-14Introduce path_get()Jan Blunck
2008-02-14Use path_put() in a few places instead of {mnt,d}put()Jan Blunck
2008-02-14Introduce path_put()Jan Blunck
2008-02-14Embed a struct path into struct nameidata instead of nd->{dentry,mnt}Jan Blunck
2008-02-14Remove path_release_on_umount()Jan Blunck
2008-02-14FLAT binaries: drop BINFMT_FLAT bad header magic warningMike Frysinger
2008-02-14inotify: make variables static in inotify_user.cHarvey Harrison
2008-02-13NFS: add missing spkm3 strings to mount option parserOlga Kornievskaia
2008-02-13NFS: remove error field from nfs_readdir_descriptor_tJeff Layton
2008-02-13NFS: missing spaces in KERN_WARNINGDan Muntz
2008-02-13NFS: Allow text-based mounts via compat_sys_mountChuck Lever
2008-02-13NFS: fix reference counting for NFSv4 callback threadJeff Layton
2008-02-13udf: fix udf_add_free_spaceMarcin Slusarz
2008-02-13udf: fix directory offset handlingJan Kara
2008-02-13fs/smbfs/inode.c: fix warning message deprecating smbfsSergio Luis
2008-02-13xfs: convert beX_add to beX_add_cpu (new common API)Marcin Slusarz
2008-02-13kernel-doc: fix fs/pipe.c notationRandy Dunlap
2008-02-11Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linuxLinus Torvalds
2008-02-10NLM: don't requeue block if it was invalidated while GRANT_MSG was in flightJeff Layton
2008-02-10NLM: don't reattempt GRANT_MSG when there is already an RPC in flightJeff Layton
2008-02-10NLM: have server-side RPC clients default to soft RPC tasksJeff Layton
2008-02-10NLM: set RPC_CLNT_CREATE_NOPING for NLM RPC clientsJeff Layton
2008-02-10splice: fix user pointer access in get_iovec_page_array()Bastian Blank
2008-02-10ext4: Add new "development flag" to the ext4 filesystemTheodore Tso
2008-02-10ext4: Don't panic in case of corrupt bitmapAneesh Kumar K.V
2008-02-10ext4: allocate struct ext4_allocation_context from a kmem cacheEric Sandeen
2008-02-10JBD2: Clear buffer_ordered flag for barried IO request on successDave Kleikamp
2008-02-10ext4: Fix Direct I/O lockingJan Kara
2008-02-10ext4: Fix circular locking dependency with migrate and rm.Aneesh Kumar K.V
2008-02-05allow in-inode EAs on ext4 root inodeEric Sandeen
2008-02-10ext4: Fix null bh pointer dereference in mballocAneesh Kumar K.V
2008-02-05deprecate smbfs in favour of cifsAndrew Morton
2008-02-05uml: fix hostfs tv_usec calculationsDominique Quatravaux
2008-02-05Add 64-bit capability support to the kernelAndrew Morgan
2008-02-05VFS: Reorder vfs_getxattr to avoid unnecessary calls to the LSMDavid P. Quigley
2008-02-05VFS/Security: Rework inode_getsecurity and callers to return resulting bufferDavid P. Quigley
2008-02-05writeback: speed up writeback of big dirty filesFengguang Wu
2008-02-05skip writing data pages when inode is under I_SYNCQi Yong