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2006-02-24Merge ../ntfs-2.6-develAnton Altaparmakov
2006-02-24NTFS: - Cope with attribute list attribute having invalid flags.Anton Altaparmakov
2006-02-05NTFS: We have struct kmem_cache now so use it instead of the typedef.Pekka Enberg
2006-01-19Merge branch 'master' of /usr/src/ntfs-2.6/Anton Altaparmakov
2006-01-10[PATCH] ntfs: remove superflous MS_NOATIME/MS_NODIRATIME assignmentsChristoph Hellwig
2006-01-10[PATCH] replace inode_update_time with file_update_timeChristoph Hellwig
2006-01-09[PATCH] mutex subsystem, semaphore to mutex: VFS, ->i_semJes Sorensen
2006-01-03update the email address of Randy DunlapAdrian Bunk
2005-11-24NTFS: Fix a potential overflow by casting (index + 1) to s64 before doing aAnton Altaparmakov
2005-11-01NTFS: Fix a stupid bug causing writes to non-initialized pages to segfault.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-10-24NTFS: Document extended attribute ($EA) NEED_EA flag. (Based on libntfsAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-24NTFS: Fix compilation warnings with gcc-4.0.2 on SUSE 10.0.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-10-24NTFS: Use %z for size_t to fix compilation warnings. (Andrew Morton)Anton Altaparmakov
2005-10-19NTFS: Fix serious data corruption issue when writing.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-10-19NTFS: $EA attributes can be both resident non-resident.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-10-11NTFS: The big ntfs write(2) rewrite has arrived. We now implement our ownAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-11NTFS: Remove address space operations ->prepare_write and ->commit_write inAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-11NTFS: In attrib.c::ntfs_attr_set() call balance_dirty_pages_ratelimited()Anton Altaparmakov
2005-10-11Merge branch 'master' of /usr/src/ntfs-2.6/Anton Altaparmakov
2005-10-08[PATCH] gfp flags annotations - part 1Al Viro
2005-10-04NTFS: Enable ATTR_SIZE attribute changes in ntfs_setattr(). This completesAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Implement fs/ntfs/inode.[hc]::ntfs_truncate(). It only supportsAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Add fs/ntfs/attrib.[hc]::ntfs_attr_extend_allocation(), a function toAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Fix ntfs_attr_make_non_resident() to update the vfs inode i_blocksAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Change ntfs_attr_make_non_resident to take the attribute value sizeAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: - Change ntfs_cluster_alloc() to take an extra boolean parameterAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: - Change {__,}ntfs_cluster_free() to also take an optional attributeAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Change ntfs_attr_find_vcn_nolock() to also take an optional attributeAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Change ntfs_map_runlist_nolock() to also take an optional attributeAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Fix a 64-bitness bug where a left-shift could overflow a 32-bit variableAnton Altaparmakov
2005-10-04NTFS: Fix a stupid bug in __ntfs_bitmap_set_bits_in_run() which caused theAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-26NTFS: Re-fix sparse warnings in a more correct way, i.e. don't use an enum withAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-26NTFS: More $LogFile handling fixes: when chkdsk has been run, it can leave theAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-26NTFS: Fix the definition of the CHKD ntfs record magic. It had an off byAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-23NTFS: Change ntfs_cluster_free() to require a write locked runlist on entryAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-22NTFS: Fix sparse warnings that have crept in over time.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-09-20NTFS: More runlist handling fixes from Richard Russon and myself.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-09-19NTFS: Fix ntfs_{read,write}page() to cope with concurrent truncates better.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-09-19NTFS: Fix handling of compressed directories that I broke in earlier changeset.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-09-19NTFS: Fix various bugs in the runlist merging code. (Based on libntfsAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-12NTFS: Mask out __GFP_HIGHMEM when doing kmalloc() in __ntfs_malloc() as itAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-12NTFS: Change the mount options {u,f,d}mask to always parse the number asAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-10[PATCH] ntfs build fixAndrew Morton
2005-09-08NTFS: 2.1.24 release and some minor final fixes.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-09-08NTFS: Improve scalability by changing the driver global spin lock inAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-08NTFS: Fix page_has_buffers()/page_buffers() handling in fs/ntfs/aops.c.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-09-08NTFS: Fixup handling of sparse, compressed, and encrypted attributes inAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-08NTFS: Fix fs/ntfs/aops.c::ntfs_{read,write}_block() to handle the caseAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-08NTFS: Optimize fs/ntfs/aops.c::ntfs_write_block() by extending the pageAnton Altaparmakov
2005-09-08NTFS: Fixup handling of sparse, compressed, and encrypted attributes inAnton Altaparmakov