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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-01-14Fix configfs leakAl Viro
2009-09-11writeback: add name to backing_dev_infoJens Axboe
2009-04-30configfs: Rework configfs_depend_item() locking and make lockdep happyLouis Rilling
2009-04-30configfs: Silence lockdep on mkdir() and rmdir()Louis Rilling
2009-04-21configfs: Fix Trivial Warning in fs/configfs/symlink.cSubrata Modak
2009-03-27constify dentry_operations: configfsAl Viro
2009-02-04Revert "configfs: Silence lockdep on mkdir(), rmdir() and configfs_depend_ite...Mark Fasheh
2009-02-02configfs: Silence lockdep on mkdir(), rmdir() and configfs_depend_item()Joel Becker
2009-01-22fs/Kconfig: move configfs outAlexey Dobriyan
2009-01-05zero i_uid/i_gid on inode allocationAl Viro
2008-10-23[PATCH] assorted path_lookup() -> kern_path() conversionsAl Viro
2008-08-22[PATCH] configfs: Consolidate locking around configfs_detach_prep() in config...Louis Rilling
2008-07-31[PATCH] configfs: Pin configfs subsystems separately from new config_items.Joel Becker
2008-07-31[PATCH] configfs: Fix open directory making rmdir() failLouis Rilling
2008-07-31[PATCH] configfs: Lock new directory inodes before removing on cleanup after ...Louis Rilling
2008-07-31[PATCH] configfs: Prevent userspace from creating new entries under attaching...Louis Rilling
2008-07-31[PATCH] configfs: Fix failing symlink() making rmdir() failLouis Rilling
2008-07-31[PATCH] configfs: Fix symlink() to a removing itemLouis Rilling
2008-07-31[PATCH] configfs: Include linux/err.h in linux/configfs.hJoel Becker
2008-07-17configfs: Allow ->make_item() and ->make_group() to return detailed errors.Joel Becker
2008-07-17Revert "configfs: Allow ->make_item() and ->make_group() to return detailed e...Joel Becker
2008-07-14configfs: call drop_link() to cleanup after create_link() failureLouis Rilling
2008-07-14configfs: Allow ->make_item() and ->make_group() to return detailed errors.Joel Becker
2008-07-14configfs: Fix failing mkdir() making racing rmdir() failLouis Rilling
2008-07-14configfs: Fix deadlock with racing rmdir() and rename()Louis Rilling
2008-07-14configfs: Make configfs_new_dirent() return error code instead of NULLLouis Rilling
2008-07-14configfs: Protect configfs_dirent s_links list mutationsLouis Rilling
2008-07-14configfs: Introduce configfs_dirent_lockLouis Rilling
2008-04-30fs: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrencesHarvey Harrison
2008-04-30mm: bdi: add separate writeback accounting capabilityMiklos Szeredi
2008-02-14Introduce path_put()Jan Blunck
2008-02-14Embed a struct path into struct nameidata instead of nd->{dentry,mnt}Jan Blunck
2008-01-25configfs: file.c fix possible recursive lockingJoonwoo Park
2008-01-25configfs: dir.c fix possible recursive lockingJoonwoo Park
2008-01-24Kobject: convert fs/* from kobject_unregister() to kobject_put()Greg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: convert kernel_kset to be a kobjectGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kset: convert kernel_subsys to use kset_createGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: convert configfs to use kobject_createGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-01-24kobject: remove struct kobj_type from struct ksetGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-10-17r/o bind mounts: filesystem helpers for custom 'struct file'sDave Hansen
2007-10-17mm: bdi init hooksPeter Zijlstra
2007-10-16implement simple fs aopsNick Piggin
2007-07-20mm: Remove slab destructors from kmem_cache_create().Paul Mundt
2007-07-10configfs: config item dependancies.Joel Becker
2007-07-10configfs: accessing item hierarchy during rmdir(2)Joel Becker
2007-07-10[PATCH] configsfs buffer: use mutexJohannes Berg
2007-07-10configfs: Convert subsystem semaphore to mutexJoel Becker
2007-07-10[PATCH] configfs+dlm: Rename config_group_find_obj and state semantics clearlySatyam Sharma
2007-07-10configfs: misc cleanupsSatyam Sharma
2007-07-10configfs: consistent attribute sizeJoel Becker