path: root/fs/autofs4
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-16autofs4: always use lookup for lookupIan Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: rename dentry to expiring in autofs4_lookup_expiring()Ian Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: rename dentry to active in autofs4_lookup_active()Ian Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: eliminate d_unhashed in path walk checksIan Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: cleanup active and expire lookupIan Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: renamer unhashed to active in autofs4_lookup()Ian Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: use autofs_info for pending flagIan Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: use helper function for need mount checkIan Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: use helper functions for expiring listIan Kent
2009-12-16autofs4: use helper functions for active list handlingIan Kent
2009-08-31autofs4 - fix missed case when changing to use struct pathIan Kent
2009-07-12headers: smp_lock.h reduxAlexey Dobriyan
2009-06-11switch follow_down()Al Viro
2009-06-11switch follow_up() to struct pathAl Viro
2009-06-11Get rid of path_lookup in autofs4Al Viro
2009-06-09autofs4: remove hashed check in validate_wait()Ian Kent
2009-05-02autofs4: fix incorrect return in autofs4_mount_busy()Ian Kent
2009-04-20autofs4: use memchr() in invalid_string()Al Viro
2009-04-01autofs4: fix lookup deadlockIan Kent
2009-04-01autofs4: cleanup expire code duplicationIan Kent
2009-03-27constify dentry_operations: autofs, autofs4Al Viro
2009-01-22fs/Kconfig: move autofs, autofs4 outAlexey Dobriyan
2009-01-06autofs4: fix string validation check orderIan Kent
2009-01-06autofs4: make autofs type usage explicitIan Kent
2009-01-06autofs4: fix var shadowed by local delarationIan Kent
2009-01-06autofs4: improve parameter usageIan Kent
2009-01-05zero i_uid/i_gid on inode allocationAl Viro
2008-11-14Merge branch 'master' into nextJames Morris
2008-11-14CRED: Pass credentials through dentry_open()David Howells
2008-11-14CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the autofs4 filesystemDavid Howells
2008-11-06autofs4: collect version check returnIan Kent
2008-11-06autofs4: correct offset mount expire checkIan Kent
2008-10-16autofs4: add miscellaneous device for ioctlsIan Kent
2008-10-16autofs4: track uid and gid of last mount requesterIan Kent
2008-10-16autofs4: cleanup autofs mount type usageIan Kent
2008-10-13vfs: Use const for kernel parser tableSteven Whitehouse
2008-08-25[PATCH] fix ->llseek() for a bunch of directoriesAl Viro
2008-07-24autofs4: remove unused ioctlsIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: reorganize expire pending wait function callsIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: fix direct mount pending expire race - correctionIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: fix direct mount pending expire raceIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: fix indirect mount pending expire raceIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: fix pending checksIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: cleanup redundant readir codeIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: indirect dentry must almost always be positiveIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: detect invalid direct mount requestsIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: fix waitq memory leakIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: check kernel communication pipe is valid for writeIan Kent
2008-07-24autofs4: add missing kfreeIan Kent