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2011-09-16ENGR00156850 gpu-viv: add gpu-viv driver sourcerel_imx_2.6.38_11.09.01Richard Zhao
2011-09-15ENGR00156374 ipuv3: check channel busy while wait disable irqJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00156234 ipuv3: fix cpmem issueJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155146 ipuv3: use mutex instead of spin lockJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155140 ipuv3: add support of power suspend/resumeJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155135-3 ipuv3 dev: add processing driver supportJason Chen
2011-09-07ENGR00155880 USB device: Fix RNDIS Full Speed hang during initializationAnish Trivedi
2011-09-05ENGR00155995 [MX6]Adjust default thermal pointAnson Huang
2011-09-02ENGR00154436-2 - MXC HDMI: Support complete feature setDanny Nold
2011-09-01ENGR00155845-1 mfd for hdmiAlan Tull
2011-09-01ENGR00155761 usb-host: fix the buiild warning with upstream reviewing patchPeter Chen
2011-09-01ENGR00155764 usb-host: fix the system hang when access register with clocks OFFPeter Chen
2011-09-01ENGR00155612-4 [mx6q]change the delay after clock frequence change to 1msTony Lin
2011-09-01ENGR00155612-3 [mx6q]add delay after cmd6 for eMMC compatibilityTony Lin
2011-09-01ENGR00155612-2 [mx6q]dynamically sd pad setting changeTony Lin
2011-09-01usb: ehci: make HC see up-to-date qh/qtd descriptor ASAPMing Lei
2011-09-01ENGR00155627 [MX6]Add thermal cooling deviceAnson Huang
2011-09-01ENGR00155627-1 [MX6]Add thermal cooling devieAnson Huang
2011-09-01ENGR00155611 [mx6q]correct eMMC DDR mode clock settingTony Lin
2011-08-30USB: Mark EHCI LPM functions as __maybe_unusedMaksim Rayskiy
2011-08-30ENGR00155396 usb-host: fix below build warningPeter Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00154080 ipuv3: fix clear buffer functionJason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00155145 ipuv3 disp pos: restore pos setting after channel disable.Jason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00153474 ipuv3 split mode: vf and enc task display with errorJason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00155141 ipuv3 split mode: adjust split calculate functionJason Chen
2011-08-26ENGR00155400 [ath6kl]build warningTony Lin
2011-08-26ENGR00153895 [MX6Q]SD: SD3 clock is not off, when no SD card is in useTony Lin
2011-08-26ENGR00155391-2 [MX6]Clean up build warningAnson Huang
2011-08-24ENGR00155288 [mx6q]sd dat1 glitch causes system panicTony Lin
2011-08-23ENGR00139260-2 [ath6k wifi]add some delay after resumingTony Lin
2011-08-23ENGR00139260-1 [ath6k wifi]remove drivers under drivers/net/wirelessTony Lin
2011-08-22ENGR00155179-2: Change imx_viim to mxs_viim.Terry Lv
2011-08-18ENGR00154981 ipuv3: fix clock issueJason Chen
2011-08-16ENGR00154889-2: Add virtual iim driverTerry Lv
2011-08-12ENGR00139261 [MX6Q]support 8 bit MMC and eMMC DDR modeTony Lin
2011-08-11ENGR00154704 usb-gadget: wmb is needed after dtd pointer is updated for armv7Peter Chen
2011-08-11ENGR00154703 usb-gadget: fix spin_lock recursion problem at SMP platformPeter Chen
2011-08-11ENGR00154382 usb-udc: Set fsl arc usb driver as default usb device driverPeter Chen
2011-08-09ENGR00154437 mxc edid: add cea extend revision 1 and 2 supportJason Chen
2011-08-09ENGR00154525 SDMA: SDMA not works when event number bigger than 32Zeng Zhaoming
2011-08-09ENGR00139247-6 DMA : add DMA support for imx6qHuang Shijie
2011-08-09ENGR00139247-3 MTD : add GPMI driver for IMX6QHuang Shijie
2011-08-08ENGR00154431 - MXCFB_SET_WAVEFORMS ioctl brokenDanny Nold
2011-08-08ENGR00154429 rtc-snvs: request_irq too earlyRichard Zhao
2011-08-05ENGR00154108-3 mxc ldb: make ldb support two ipu in separate modeJason Chen
2011-08-04ENGR00154346 UART: fix uart deadlockZeng Zhaoming
2011-08-04ENGR00154135 sii902x hdmi: should not init twiceJason Chen
2011-08-03ENGR00154209 SNVS RTC: Update comments for errata numberAnish Trivedi
2011-08-03ENGR00154217 [MX6Q/D]fix mmc suspend/resume issue.Tony Lin
2011-08-03ENGR00154132 ipuv3 fb: add fb unblank event after set varJason Chen