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2006-12-08[PATCH] struct path: convert alphaJosef Sipek
2006-12-08[PATCH] x86_64: change uses of f_{dentry, vfsmnt} to use f_pathJosef "Jeff" Sipek
2006-12-08[PATCH] i386: change uses of f_{dentry, vfsmnt} to use f_pathJosef "Jeff" Sipek
2006-12-08[PATCH] use generic BUG for ppcJudith Lebzelter
2006-12-08[PATCH] UML: add generic BUG supportJeff Dike
2006-12-08[PATCH] Generic BUG for x86-64Jeremy Fitzhardinge
2006-12-08[PATCH] Generic BUG for i386Jeremy Fitzhardinge
2006-12-08[PATCH] tty: ->signal->tty lockingPeter Zijlstra
2006-12-08[PATCH] m32r: bootloader support for OPSPUT platformHirokazu Takata
2006-12-08[PATCH] m32r: fix ace_handler to pass full 32-bit addressHirokazu Takata
2006-12-08[PATCH] m32r: make userspace headers platform-independentHirokazu Takata
2006-12-07Merge branch 'for-linus' of master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-armLinus Torvalds
2006-12-07Merge branch 'release' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/aegl/li...Linus Torvalds
2006-12-07[ARM] Merge individual ARM sub-treesRussell King
2006-12-07[ARM] 4002/1: S3C24XX: leave parent IRQs unmaskedBen Dooks
2006-12-07[ARM] 3983/2: remove unused argument to __bug()Nicolas Pitre
2006-12-07[ARM] 4000/1: Osiris: add third serial port inBen Dooks
2006-12-07[ARM] 3999/1: RX3715: suspend to RAM supportBen Dooks
2006-12-07[ARM] 3998/1: VR1000: LED platform devicesBen Dooks
2006-12-07[IA64] replace kmalloc+memset with kzallocYan Burman
2006-12-07[IA64] resolve name clash by renaming is_available_memory()Christoph Lameter
2006-12-07[IA64] Need export for csum_ipv6_magicTony Luck
2006-12-07[PATCH] Add support for type argument in PAL_GET_PSTATEVenkatesh Pallipadi
2006-12-07[IA64] tidy up return value of ip_fast_csumChen, Kenneth W
2006-12-07[IA64] implement csum_ipv6_magic for ia64.Chen, Kenneth W
2006-12-07[IA64] More Itanium PAL spec updatesRuss Anderson
2006-12-07[IA64] Update processor_info featuresRuss Anderson
2006-12-07[IA64] SN: Correctly update smp_affinty maskJohn Keller
2006-12-07[IA64] sparse cleanupsMatthew Wilcox
2006-12-07[IA64] IA64 Kexec/kdumpZou Nan hai
2006-12-07[ARM] 3995/1: iop13xx: add iop13xx supportDan Williams
2006-12-07[ARM] 3968/1: iop13xx: add iop13xx_defconfigDan Williams
2006-12-07[ARM] Update mach-typesRussell King
2006-12-07Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://one.firstfloor.org/home/andi/git/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds
2006-12-07[PATCH] Kexec / Kdump: Unify elf note codeMagnus Damm
2006-12-07[PATCH] arm26: replace kmalloc+memset with kzallocYan Burman
2006-12-07[PATCH] arch/i386/kernel/reboot.c should #include <linux/reboot.h>Adrian Bunk
2006-12-07[PATCH] Pass struct dev pointer to dma_cache_sync()Ralf Baechle
2006-12-07[PATCH] Add struct dev pointer to dma_is_consistent()Ralf Baechle
2006-12-07[PATCH] add rtc-omap driverDavid Brownell
2006-12-07[PATCH] hotplug CPU: clean up hotcpu_notifier() useIngo Molnar
2006-12-07[PATCH] smp_call_function_single() check that local interrupts are enabledAndrew Morton
2006-12-07[PATCH] kprobes: enable booster on the preemptible kernelMasami Hiramatsu
2006-12-07[PATCH] elf: include terminating zero in n_nameszMagnus Damm
2006-12-07[PATCH] elf: Always define elf_addr_t in linux/elf.hMagnus Damm
2006-12-07[PATCH] initrd: remove unused false condition for initrd_startHenry Nestler
2006-12-07[PATCH] remove kernel syscallsArnd Bergmann
2006-12-07[PATCH] lockdep: name some old style locksPeter Zijlstra
2006-12-07[PATCH] Export pm_suspend for the shared APM emulationRalf Baechle
2006-12-07[PATCH] uml: use get_random_bytes() after random pool is seededJeff Dike