path: root/arch/arm/mach-mx6/cpu.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-10ENGR00161487: Fix SD/USB/FEC performance issue.er3-previewRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-11-10ENGR00161321 [MX6 ARM2]Disable Warm resetAnson Huang
2011-11-10ENGR00160798 [MX6]Workaround for NFSAnson Huang
2011-11-10ENGR00159641: MX6-Add DVFS-CORE supportRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-11-10ENGR00155879: MX6: Enable ARM core to enter WAIT mode when system is idle.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2011-11-10ENGR00139280: MX6: Add CPUFREQ supportRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-11-10ENGR00153429 [WDOG]Workaround for SMP wdog resetAnson Huang
2011-11-10ENGR00139274-1 [MX6]Enable suspend/resume featureAnson Huang
2011-11-10ENGR00153132 mx6q: enable vpu iram usageSammy He
2011-11-10ENGR00139229-1 MX6: Bring up i.MX6 sabreauto with Single coreZeng Zhaoming