path: root/arch/arm/mach-mx6/board-mx6q_arm2.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-10ENGR00161447-2 ARM2: fix section missmach warningFrank Li
2011-11-10ENGR00159982 - [MX6Q]: Add FEC phy save power function.Fugang Duan
2011-11-10ENGR00161382-2 MX6Q MIPI CSI2: initialize platform dataEven Xu
2011-11-10ENGR00161314-1 mx6q usb-host: add hsic supportPeter Chen
2011-11-10ENGR00161285 [MX6Q ARM2] make spdif and i2c3 mutually exclusiveAlan Tull
2011-11-10ENGR00161256-2 mx6q arm2: add flexcan supportDong Aisheng
2011-11-10ENGR00161219 [MX6Q] add backlight driver on ARM2Gary Zhang
2011-11-10ENGR00161192 [MX6 Sabre-lite] Add dummy regulators for MMC and SD driversNancy Chen
2011-11-10ENGR00161175 [mx6q] Add dummy regulators for CS42888 CODECNancy Chen
2011-11-10ENGR00159981-1 MX6: Add MIPI DSI driver and support TRULY WVGA LCD panelWayne Zou
2011-11-10ENGR00161127 [mx6q] Add dummy regulators for MMC and SD driversNancy Chen
2011-11-10ENGR00161119 Codec regulator registration updateMahesh Mahadevan
2011-11-10ENGR00157253-1 MX6Q spi: add ecspi for MX6QRobin Gong
2011-11-10ENGR00161005-1 MX6Q Kernel Rename sabreauto to arm2 boardAnish Trivedi