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2010-08-03ENGR00125874 mx50 esdhc: fix the issue that SD2 can not detect card removerel-imx-2.6.31-10.08.00Aisheng.Dong
2010-08-03ENGR00125856-2 MX51 eSDHC iomux updates when iomux V3 is usedRichard Zhu
2010-08-03ENGR00125856-1 MX53 eSDHC iomux updates when iomux V3 is usedRichard Zhu
2010-08-03ENGR00125772 mx50 esdhc: add DDR supportAisheng.Dong
2010-08-03ENGR00125823-3 mx35 esdhc: set clock always on according to requirementsAisheng.Dong
2010-08-03ENGR00125823-2 esdhc: add a interface to let clock always onAisheng.Dong
2010-08-03ENGR00125823-1 mxc esdhc: add a clock always on flag in plat_dataAisheng.Dong
2010-08-02ENGR00125731-2 esdhc: add dll override delay line supportAisheng.Dong
2010-08-02ENGR00125731-1 mxc esdhc: add two DLL control flags in platform_dataAisheng.Dong
2010-08-02ENGR00125771 usb:should open usb related clock at usb wakeup enable modePeter Chen
2010-07-30ENGR00125782 - EPDC AXI clk should be disabled before exiting clk initDanny Nold
2010-07-30ENGR00125779 - EPDC fb module load/unloadDanny Nold
2010-07-30ENGR00125769 MX50: Fix a bug in WAIT macroRobby Cai
2010-07-30ENGR00125752 MX50: Change display_axi clock parent to PFDRobby Cai
2010-07-30ENGR00125736 MX53 PMIC: Turn on the vvideo power supply by defaultWilliam Lai
2010-07-30ENGR00125729-2 GPU: merge hal for MX35/MX50 and MX51/MX53Jie Zhou
2010-07-30ENGR00125729-1 MX5x MSL: set gpu resources correctlyJie Zhou
2010-07-30ENGR00125326 MX28 ALSA: Can't play streams with sample rate 8k to 22kLionel Xu
2010-07-30ENGR00125693-2 OV3640:Set gpo regulator's voltage to be 2.8VLiu Ying
2010-07-30ENGR00125693-1 MX53:Set gpo regulator to camera platform dataLiu Ying
2010-07-29ENGR00125682-2: MX50: Fix copyright and formatting in suspend code.Ranjani
2010-07-29ENGR00125682-1: MX50: Reduce power consumption in STOP mode.Ranjani
2010-07-29ENGR00125578-2 mx50 clock: correct pfd mask bitsRichard Zhao
2010-07-29ENGR00125578-1 mx50 clock: add WAIT macroRichard Zhao
2010-07-29ENGR00125665 ELCDIF FB:Support suspend and resume functionsLiu Ying
2010-07-29ENGR00125433 Fix multi-instance of epxp failure issueRobby Cai
2010-07-28ENGR00125550: EPDC fb suspend/resume supportDanny Nold
2010-07-28ENGR00125657-3 [MX50] Change defconfig for VIIM driverRobby Cai
2010-07-28ENGR00125657-2 [MX50] Change kconfig for VIIM driverRobby Cai
2010-07-28ENGR00125657-1 [MX50] Add VIIM driver supportRobby Cai
2010-07-28ENGR00125616 GPU: make sure device is stopped before closeJie Zhou
2010-07-27ENGR00125044-2 - MSL changes to set up EPDC AXI clockDanny Nold
2010-07-27ENGR00125044-1 - EPDC fb: Remove AXI clock setup (move to MSL)Danny Nold
2010-07-27ENGR00117738-2 mxs-mmc: Support eMMC44 and DDR modeRichard Zhu
2010-07-27ENGR00117738-1 MX28: Support eMMC44 and DDR modeRichard Zhu
2010-07-27ENGR00125608-2 LDB:Return error when LDB probe failsLiu Ying
2010-07-27ENGR00125608-1 TVE:Return error when TVE probe failsLiu Ying
2010-07-27ENGR00125612 mfg-tool: Add mx50 support at mx5_updater_defconfigPeter Chen
2010-07-27ENGR00125588-2 V4l2: Add probe/remove routine for output/capture driverXinyu Chen
2010-07-27ENGR00125588-1 MSL: MX3x/MX5x, move v4l2 output/capture device into MSLXinyu Chen
2010-07-26ENGR00125323-3: MX53: Change MXC iomux to use iomux-v3Dinh Nguyen
2010-07-26ENGR00125323-2: MX51: Change MXC iomux to use iomux-v3Dinh Nguyen
2010-07-26ENGR00125323-1: MX50: Change MXC iomux to use iomux-v3Dinh Nguyen
2010-07-26ENGR00125521 USB: register/unregister gadget module cause system hangHu hui
2010-07-26ENGR00125506 ipu dev: change mmap to writethrough policyJason Chen
2010-07-26ENGR00125412-2 ipuv3 fb: fg should not bigger than bgJason Chen
2010-07-26ENGR00125412-1 ipuv3 fb: fg should not bigger than bgJason Chen
2010-07-26ENGR00125556 GPU: Check device refcnt before free memstoreJie Zhou
2010-07-26ENGR00125552-2 LDB:Change LDB related video mode namesLiu Ying
2010-07-26ENGR00125552-1 MX5:Change LDB related video mode namesLiu Ying