AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-10ENGR00171621 ipu device: remove error printk to avoid performance dropimx-android-r13.1Xinyu Chen
2012-01-09Merge commit 'rel_imx_2.6.38_12.01.00_RC1' into imx_2.6.38_androidXinyu Chen
2012-01-08ENGR0017124 Merge vivante 4.6.4 kernel driverLoren Huang
2012-01-04ENGR00170344 vpu: Reserve bitwork memory at vpu probe for androidSammy He
2011-12-31ENGR00171115 mx6_ard: Enable the enet on mx6q ardHake Huang
2011-12-31ENGR00171113 flexcan: add self wakeup functionDong Aisheng
2011-12-31ENGR00171043 gadget-audio: Kernel panic after insert g_audio at second timePeter Chen
2011-12-31ENGR00162913-1 ASRC:fix asrc_audio_clock divider set bugChen Liangjun
2011-12-31ENGR00171083 Revert "ENGR00170944 [MX6Q MMC]suspend/resume crash"Ryan QIAN
2011-12-31ENGR00171111 MX6Q/TOUCHSCREEN : change the printk to dynamic printHuang Shijie
2011-12-31ENGR00171026 SGTL5000: remove mono supportGary Zhang
2011-12-31ENGR00171035 Fix OV3640 XGA can not workEven Xu
2011-12-31ENGR00171027-3 usbcore:after plug in/out on the hub,host can't workTony LIU
2011-12-31ENGR00171027-2 [USB_HOST]after plug in/out on the hub,host can't workTony LIU
2011-12-31ENGR00171027-1 [USB_HOST]after plug in/out on the hub,host can't workTony LIU
2011-12-30ENGR00171094 MX6 GPIO keys: build in GPIO keysYuxi Sun
2011-12-30Merge remote branch 'fsl-linux-sdk/imx_2.6.38' into imx_2.6.38_androidXinyu Chen
2011-12-30ENGR00171087 [MX6]Need to add L1 Icache invalidateAnson Huang
2011-12-30ENGR00171096 [MX6]Remove unnecessary workaroud of L2 in suspend/resumeAnson Huang
2011-12-30ENGR00171047 Fix ov5640 QSXGA can not workEven Xu
2011-12-29ENGR00171064 [MX6]Complete SNVS RTC featureAnson Huang
2011-12-29Merge remote branch 'fsl-linux-sdk/imx_2.6.38' into imx_2.6.38_androidXinyu Chen
2011-12-29ENGR00171052 mxc hdmi: fix HDMI CSC clock settingSandor Yu
2011-12-29ENGR00170847 mx6q sabrelite: change the gpu pmem to non cachableXinyu Chen
2011-12-28ENGR00170999 Fix the record end, playback muteb02247
2011-12-28ENGR00171010 enable exposure calculate functionYuxi Sun
2011-12-28ENGR00171001-2 MX6Q PFUZE100: fix build warningsRobin Gong
2011-12-28ENGR00171001-1 PFUZE100 MX6Q: fix build warningRobin Gong
2011-12-28ENGR00170969: Remove build warnings in MLB driverTerry Lv
2011-12-28ENGR00171000 [MX6]Fix build warningAnson Huang
2011-12-28ENGR00170998 [MX6Q MMC]build warningTony Lin
2011-12-27ENGR00161871: ENET: Changing MDIO read and write timeoutRogerio Pimentel
2011-12-27ENGR00170938-2 mxc hdmi: Enable HDMI output color space convertSandor Yu
2011-12-27ENGR00170938-1 mxc hdmi: Enable HDMI output color space convertSandor Yu
2011-12-27ENGR00170951 arm2 camera: change default camera to ov5640Yuxi Sun
2011-12-27ENGR00170946:gpu:fix gpu kernel module can not be removed issuewu guoxing
2011-12-27ENGR00170945:mx6: clk: __clk_disable operates only when usecount > 0wu guoxing
2011-12-27ENGR00139278-3: Add MLB main driver for mx6qTerry Lv
2011-12-27ENGR00139278-2: Add MLB driver platform data structure for mx6qTerry Lv
2011-12-27ENGR00139278-1: Add MLB driver board level code for mx6qTerry Lv
2011-12-27ENGR00170944 [MX6Q MMC]suspend/resume crashTony Lin
2011-12-27ENGR00170784 - FEC : dma skb buffer map is not used rightly.Fugang Duan
2011-12-27ENGR00170940 MX6Q: Add OV8820 MIPI as default moduleEven Xu
2011-12-27ENGR00170929 [MX6Q MMC]might sleep in atomic contextTony Lin
2011-12-26ENGR00170751 Enable clock gating while gpu core comes to idleLoren Huang
2011-12-26ENGR00170819-3 usb-gadget: add usb audio support at imx6 defconfigPeter Chen
2011-12-26ENGR00170819-2 usb-gadget: add test document for usb audioPeter Chen
2011-12-26ENGR00170819-1 usb-gadget: add usb audio supportPeter Chen
2011-12-26ENGR00170901-2 IMX/UART : add a wait queue for DMA RX in SMPHuang Shijie
2011-12-26ENGR00170901-1 IMX/UART : Revert "ENGR00170465-2"Huang Shijie