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+config NTFS_FS
+ tristate "NTFS file system support"
+ select NLS
+ help
+ NTFS is the file system of Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003.
+ Saying Y or M here enables read support. There is partial, but
+ safe, write support available. For write support you must also
+ say Y to "NTFS write support" below.
+ There are also a number of user-space tools available, called
+ ntfsprogs. These include ntfsundelete and ntfsresize, that work
+ without NTFS support enabled in the kernel.
+ This is a rewrite from scratch of Linux NTFS support and replaced
+ the old NTFS code starting with Linux 2.5.11. A backport to
+ the Linux 2.4 kernel series is separately available as a patch
+ from the project web site.
+ For more information see <file:Documentation/filesystems/ntfs.txt>
+ and <http://www.linux-ntfs.org/>.
+ To compile this file system support as a module, choose M here: the
+ module will be called ntfs.
+ If you are not using Windows NT, 2000, XP or 2003 in addition to
+ Linux on your computer it is safe to say N.
+config NTFS_DEBUG
+ bool "NTFS debugging support"
+ depends on NTFS_FS
+ help
+ If you are experiencing any problems with the NTFS file system, say
+ Y here. This will result in additional consistency checks to be
+ performed by the driver as well as additional debugging messages to
+ be written to the system log. Note that debugging messages are
+ disabled by default. To enable them, supply the option debug_msgs=1
+ at the kernel command line when booting the kernel or as an option
+ to insmod when loading the ntfs module. Once the driver is active,
+ you can enable debugging messages by doing (as root):
+ echo 1 > /proc/sys/fs/ntfs-debug
+ Replacing the "1" with "0" would disable debug messages.
+ If you leave debugging messages disabled, this results in little
+ overhead, but enabling debug messages results in very significant
+ slowdown of the system.
+ When reporting bugs, please try to have available a full dump of
+ debugging messages while the misbehaviour was occurring.
+config NTFS_RW
+ bool "NTFS write support"
+ depends on NTFS_FS
+ help
+ This enables the partial, but safe, write support in the NTFS driver.
+ The only supported operation is overwriting existing files, without
+ changing the file length. No file or directory creation, deletion or
+ renaming is possible. Note only non-resident files can be written to
+ so you may find that some very small files (<500 bytes or so) cannot
+ be written to.
+ While we cannot guarantee that it will not damage any data, we have
+ so far not received a single report where the driver would have
+ damaged someones data so we assume it is perfectly safe to use.
+ Note: While write support is safe in this version (a rewrite from
+ scratch of the NTFS support), it should be noted that the old NTFS
+ write support, included in Linux 2.5.10 and before (since 1997),
+ is not safe.
+ This is currently useful with TopologiLinux. TopologiLinux is run
+ on top of any DOS/Microsoft Windows system without partitioning your
+ hard disk. Unlike other Linux distributions TopologiLinux does not
+ need its own partition. For more information see
+ <http://topologi-linux.sourceforge.net/>
+ It is perfectly safe to say N here.