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+config MINIX_FS
+ tristate "Minix file system support"
+ depends on BLOCK
+ help
+ Minix is a simple operating system used in many classes about OS's.
+ The minix file system (method to organize files on a hard disk
+ partition or a floppy disk) was the original file system for Linux,
+ but has been superseded by the second extended file system ext2fs.
+ You don't want to use the minix file system on your hard disk
+ because of certain built-in restrictions, but it is sometimes found
+ on older Linux floppy disks. This option will enlarge your kernel
+ by about 28 KB. If unsure, say N.
+ To compile this file system support as a module, choose M here: the
+ module will be called minix. Note that the file system of your root
+ partition (the one containing the directory /) cannot be compiled as
+ a module.