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* git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulus/powerpc: [POWERPC] Bolt in SLB entry for kernel stack on secondary cpus [POWERPC] PS3: Update ps3_defconfig [POWERPC] PS3: Remove unsupported wakeup sources [POWERPC] PS3: Make ps3_virq_setup and ps3_virq_destroy static [POWERPC] PS3: Add time include to lpm [POWERPC] Fix slb.c compile warnings [POWERPC] Xilinx: Fix compile warnings [POWERPC] Squash build warning for print of resource_size_t in fsl_soc.c [RAPIDIO] fix current kernel-doc notation [POWERPC] 86xx: mpc8610_hpcd: add support for PCI Express x8 slot Fix a potential issue in mpc52xx uart driver [POWERPC] mpc5200: Allow for fixed speed MII configurations [POWERPC] 86xx: Fix the wrong serial1 interrupt for 8610 board
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@@ -237,6 +237,17 @@ Each GPIO controller node should have the empty property gpio-controller and
according to the bit numbers in the GPIO control registers. The second cell
is for flags which is currently unsused.
+8) FEC nodes
+The FEC node can specify one of the following properties to configure
+the MII link:
+"fsl,7-wire-mode" - An empty property that specifies the link uses 7-wire
+ mode instead of MII
+"current-speed" - Specifies that the MII should be configured for a fixed
+ speed. This property should contain two cells. The
+ first cell specifies the speed in Mbps and the second
+ should be '0' for half duplex and '1' for full duplex
+"phy-handle" - Contains a phandle to an Ethernet PHY.
IV - Extra Notes