path: root/arch/s390/mm/extmem.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-08[S390] appldata/extmem/kvm: add missing GFP_KERNEL flagHeiko Carstens
2010-02-26[S390] Replace ENOTSUPP usage with EOPNOTSUPPHeiko Carstens
2008-12-25[S390] convert dcssblk and extmem printks messages to pr_xxx macros.Hongjie Yang
2008-10-10[S390] dcssblk: add >2G DCSSs support and stacked contiguous DCSSs support.Hongjie Yang
2008-04-30[S390] Convert to SPARSEMEM & SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAPHeiko Carstens
2008-04-17[S390] Remove code duplication from monreader / dcssblk.Martin Schwidefsky
2008-01-26[S390] use LIST_HEAD instead of LIST_HEAD_INITDenis Cheng
2007-02-05[S390] Avoid excessive inlining.Heiko Carstens
2007-02-05[S390] Show loaded DCSS segments under /proc/iomem.Gerald Schaefer
2006-12-08[S390] Virtual memmap for s390.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Convert extmem spin_lock into a mutex.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] Cleanup memory_chunk array usage.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-04[S390] extmem unbalanced spin_lock.Heiko Carstens
2006-09-28[S390] Inline assembly cleanup.Martin Schwidefsky
2006-04-28[PATCH] s390: segment operation error codesGerald Schaefer
2006-01-06[PATCH] s390: cleanup KconfigMartin Schwidefsky
2005-11-07[PATCH] kfree cleanup: archJesper Juhl
2005-06-25[PATCH] s390: add vmcp interfaceChristian Borntraeger
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds