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@@ -227,7 +227,14 @@ as the path relative to the root of the cgroup file system.
Each cgroup is represented by a directory in the cgroup file system
containing the following files describing that cgroup:
- - tasks: list of tasks (by pid) attached to that cgroup
+ - tasks: list of tasks (by pid) attached to that cgroup. This list
+ is not guaranteed to be sorted. Writing a thread id into this file
+ moves the thread into this cgroup.
+ - cgroup.procs: list of tgids in the cgroup. This list is not
+ guaranteed to be sorted or free of duplicate tgids, and userspace
+ should sort/uniquify the list if this property is required.
+ Writing a tgid into this file moves all threads with that tgid into
+ this cgroup.
- notify_on_release flag: run the release agent on exit?
- release_agent: the path to use for release notifications (this file
exists in the top cgroup only)
@@ -374,7 +381,7 @@ Now you want to do something with this cgroup.
In this directory you can find several files:
# ls
-notify_on_release tasks
+cgroup.procs notify_on_release tasks
(plus whatever files added by the attached subsystems)
Now attach your shell to this cgroup: