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@@ -487,7 +487,7 @@ void (*host_stop) (struct ata_host_set *host_set);
allocates space for a legacy IDE PRD table and returns.
- ->port_stop() is called after ->host_stop(). It's sole function
+ ->port_stop() is called after ->host_stop(). Its sole function
is to release DMA/memory resources, now that they are no longer
actively being used. Many drivers also free driver-private
data from port at this time.
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- <year>2008</year>
+ <year>2008-2010</year>
<holder>Paul Mundt</holder>
- <year>2008</year>
+ <year>2008-2010</year>
<holder>Renesas Technology Corp.</holder>
+ <copyright>
+ <year>2010</year>
+ <holder>Renesas Electronics Corp.</holder>
+ </copyright>
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<chapter id="clk">
<title>Clock Framework Extensions</title>
<chapter id="mach">
<title>Machine Specific Interfaces</title>