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authorAndi Kleen <andi@firstfloor.org>2009-12-16 12:19:57 +0100
committerAndi Kleen <ak@linux.intel.com>2009-12-16 12:19:57 +0100
commit82ba011b9041dd31c15e4f63797b08aa0a288e61 (patch)
tree7fd48d31ab507007c37f89a9dc41256b8585d8db /mm/madvise.c
parentbd1ce5f91f545730df4af492f774d9d32f5da3cb (diff)
HWPOISON: Turn ref argument into flags argument
Now that "ref" is just a boolean turn it into a flags argument. First step is only a single flag that makes the code's intention more clear, but more may follow. Signed-off-by: Andi Kleen <ak@linux.intel.com>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/mm/madvise.c b/mm/madvise.c
index 18970aec0d2..6ca34f0cd4a 100644
--- a/mm/madvise.c
+++ b/mm/madvise.c
@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@ static int madvise_hwpoison(unsigned long start, unsigned long end)
printk(KERN_INFO "Injecting memory failure for page %lx at %lx\n",
page_to_pfn(p), start);
/* Ignore return value for now */
- __memory_failure(page_to_pfn(p), 0, 1);
+ __memory_failure(page_to_pfn(p), 0, MF_COUNT_INCREASED);
return ret;