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@@ -204,7 +204,6 @@ generic parser regardless of the codec. Usually the codec-specific
parser is much better than the generic parser (as now). Thus this
option is more about the debugging purpose.
Speaker and Headphone Output
One of the most frequent (and obvious) bugs with HD-audio is the
@@ -600,6 +599,9 @@ probing, the proc file is available, so you can get the raw codec
information before modified by the driver. Of course, the driver
isn't usable with `probe_only=1`. But you can continue the
configuration via hwdep sysfs file if hda-reconfig option is enabled.
+Using `probe_only` mask 2 skips the reset of HDA codecs (use
+`probe_only=3` as module option). The hwdep interface can be used
+to determine the BIOS codec initialization.