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V4L/DVB (3391): Documentation update
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HOWTO: Get An Avermedia DVB-T working under Linux
@@ -137,11 +136,8 @@ Getting the card going
To power up the card, load the following modules in the
following order:
- * insmod dvb-core.o
- * modprobe bttv.o
- * insmod bt878.o
- * insmod dvb-bt8xx.o
- * insmod sp887x.o
+ * modprobe bttv (normally loaded automatically)
+ * modprobe dvb-bt8xx (or place dvb-bt8xx in /etc/modules)
Insertion of these modules into the running kernel will
activate the appropriate DVB device nodes. It is then possible
@@ -302,4 +298,4 @@ Further Update
Many thanks to Nigel Pearson for the updates to this document
since the recent revision of the driver.
- January 29th 2004
+ February 14th 2006
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@@ -20,11 +20,23 @@ http://linuxtv.org/downloads/
What's inside this directory:
+contains detailed information about the
+Avermedia DVB-T cards. See also "bt8xx.txt".
+contains detailed information about the
+various bt8xx based "budget" DVB cards.
contains a list of supported hardware.
+contains detailed information about the
+CI module as part from TwinHan cards and Clones.
-is the who-is-who of DVB development
+is the who-is-who of DVB development.
contains frequently asked questions and their answers.
@@ -34,19 +46,17 @@ script to download and extract firmware for those devices
that require it.
-contains detailed informations about the
+contains detailed information about the
TT DEC2000/DEC3000 USB DVB hardware.
-contains detailed installation instructions for the
-various bt8xx based "budget" DVB cards
-(Nebula, Pinnacle PCTV, Twinhan DST)
-contains detailed information about adapters
-based on DiBcom reference design.
how to get DVB and udev up and running.
+contains detailed information about the DVB USB cards.
+contains detailed information about the
+Technisat- and Flexcop B2C2 drivers.
Good luck and have fun!