path: root/tools/mkimage.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-05mkimage: Add variable lenght header supportStefano Babic
2011-08-03mkimage: Add OMAP boot image supportJohn Rigby
2011-07-28mkimage: add UBL header support for booting davinci cpusHeiko Schocher
2011-04-12mkimage: add "-V" option to print version informationWolfgang Denk
2010-04-10mkimage: Fix strict-aliasing compiler warningPeter Tyser
2010-03-28mkimage: fix Segmentation Fault when run without "-n name" optionWolfgang Denk
2010-03-11mkimage: dont force entry point with xipMike Frysinger
2010-01-25mkimage: Add Freescale imx Boot Image support (imximage)Stefano Babic
2009-12-07tools/mkimage: Remove duplicate line of codePeter Tyser
2009-12-05tools/mkimage: Print FIT image contents after creationPeter Tyser
2009-12-05tools/mkimage: Assume FDT image type for FIT imagesPeter Tyser
2009-11-23Building of FIT images does not work.Remy Bohmer
2009-09-10mkimage: Add Kirkwood Boot Image support (kwbimage)Prafulla Wadaskar
2009-09-10tools: mkimage: split code into core, default and FIT image specificPrafulla Wadaskar
2009-09-10tools: mkimage: Fixed build warningsPrafulla Wadaskar
2009-09-10tools: mkimage : bugfix returns correct value for list commandPrafulla Wadaskar
2009-09-04License cleanup: remove unintended "All Rights Reserved" notices.Wolfgang Denk
2009-07-19compiler.h: unify system ifdef cruft hereMike Frysinger
2008-05-03mkimage: make mmap() checks consistentMike Frysinger
2008-04-24Memory footprint optimizationsBartlomiej Sieka
2008-03-11[new uImage] Add support for new uImage format to mkimage toolBartlomiej Sieka
2008-02-29[new uImage] Share common uImage code between mkimage and U-bootMarian Balakowicz
2008-02-29[new uImage] Update naming convention for bootm/uImage related codeMarian Balakowicz
2008-02-07[new uImage] Define a API for image handling operationsMarian Balakowicz
2007-05-15Fix compilation issues on MACOSXAubrey.Li
2006-10-11Merge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/masterWolfgang Denk
2006-10-09Define IH_CPU_AVR32Stefan Roese
2006-09-06Fix mkimage -l bug with multifile images on 64bit platformsWolfgang Denk
2006-08-16* Support for FDT in uImage format, error when using FDT from flashMatthew McClintock
2006-04-28Fixed handling of bad checksums with "mkimage -l"Wolfgang Denk
2006-03-12Add ADI Blackfin supportWolfgang Denk
2006-01-11Fix mkimage bug with multifile images created on 64 bit systems.Wolfgang Denk
2005-04-03* Patch by Scott McNutt, 01 Nov 2004:wdenk
2004-11-21* Update for AT91RM9200DK and CMC_PU2 boards:wdenk
2004-07-10* Rename SBC8560 into sbc8560 for consistencywdenk
2004-02-26* Patch by Rahul Shanbhag, 19 Feb 2004:wdenk
2003-11-17* Use "-fPIC" instead of "-mrelocatable" to prevent problems withwdenk
2003-10-08* Patch by Anders Larsen, 18 Sep 2003:wdenk
2003-10-07Fix build problems under FreeBSDwdenk
2003-10-06Add generic filesystem image typewdenk
2003-09-16Make IPB clock on MGT5100/MPC5200 configurable in board config file;wdenk
2003-08-05* Map ISP1362 USB OTG controller for NSCU boardwdenk
2003-07-14* Patches by Yuli Barcohen, 13 Jul 2003:wdenk
2003-05-20* Patch by David Updegraff, 22 Apr 2003:LABEL_2003_05_20_1630wdenk
2003-04-20* Make sure Block Lock Bits get cleared in R360MPI flash driverwdenk
2002-12-03* Fix startup problems with VFD display on TRABLABEL_2002_12_03_2230wdenk
2002-11-03Initial revisionwdenk