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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-06-14Blackfin: unify u-boot linker scriptsMike Frysinger
2009-06-12lib_arch/board.c: Move malloc initialization before flash_init()Stefan Roese
2009-03-23Blackfin: print out Flash: before checking itMike Frysinger
2009-03-23Blackfin: safely flush data caches when in writeback modeMike Frysinger
2009-03-23Blackfin: unify net-related init codeMike Frysinger
2009-03-20Blackfin: bfin_mac: force boards to setup the MAC themselvesMike Frysinger
2009-02-02Blackfin: output booting source when bootingMike Frysinger
2009-02-02Blackfin: use 8/16/32 bit transfer widths in dma_memcpy()Mike Frysinger
2009-02-02Blackfin: dma_memcpy(): fix random failuresMike Frysinger
2009-02-02Blackfin: rewrite cache handling functionsMike Frysinger
2009-02-02Blackfin: setup bi_enetaddr for single netsMike Frysinger
2009-02-02Blackfin: cache core/system clock valuesMike Frysinger
2009-02-02Blackfin: only build post code when CONFIG_POSTMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: fixup misc warnings such as printf's and missing castsMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: pass RETX to LinuxMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: respect CONFIG_SYS_MONITOR_LEN for default flash protectionMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: respect/check CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZEMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: implement general support for CONFIG_STATUS_LEDMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: do not init i2c in Blackfin board initMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: fix dcache handling when doing dma memcpy'sMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: split cache handling out of dma_memcpy()Mike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: abort dma_memcpy() for L1 scratchpadMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: rename bootm.c to boot.cMike Frysinger
2009-01-28Blackfin: convert CMD_LINE_ADDR to CONFIG_LINUX_CMDLINE_{ADDR,SIZE}Mike Frysinger
2009-01-23Blackfin: use common strmhz() in system outputMike Frysinger
2009-01-07Blackfin: drop CONFIG_SPI handling in board initMike Frysinger
2008-12-06Update U-Boot's build timestamp on every compilePeter Tyser
2008-11-01Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfinWolfgang Denk
2008-10-29bootm: Add subcommandsKumar Gala
2008-10-23Blackfin: init NAND before relocating envMike Frysinger
2008-10-23Blackfin: check cache bits, not cplb bitsMike Frysinger
2008-10-23Blackfin: unify cache handling codeMike Frysinger
2008-10-23Blackfin: only initialize the RTC when actually usedMike Frysinger
2008-10-18rename CFG_ macros to CONFIG_SYSJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-09-10bootm arm/avr32/blackfin/microblaze/nios2/sh: remove no more need 'error' labelJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-08-26bootm: refactor do_reset and os boot function argsKumar Gala
2008-08-26bootm: refactor entry point codeKumar Gala
2008-08-12Fix fallout from autostart revertKumar Gala
2008-05-21Big white-space cleanup.Wolfgang Denk
2008-04-17Restore the ability to continue booting after legacy image overwriteMarian Balakowicz
2008-03-30Blackfin: cleanup and overhaul common board init functionsMike Frysinger
2008-03-30Blackfin: cleanup lib_blackfin/cache.cMike Frysinger
2008-03-30Blackfin: unify cpu and boot modesMike Frysinger
2008-03-26Merge branch 'new-image' of git://www.denx.de/git/u-boot-testingBartlomiej Sieka
2008-03-15Blackfin: add proper ELF markings to some assembly functionsMike Frysinger
2008-03-15Blackfin: convert BFIN_CPU to CONFIG_BFIN_CPUMike Frysinger
2008-03-12[new uImage] Add new uImage format support to arch specific do_bootm_linux() ...Marian Balakowicz
2008-02-29[new uImage] Respect autostart setting in linux bootmKumar Gala
2008-02-27[new uImage] Move image verify flag to bootm_headers structureMarian Balakowicz