path: root/include/version.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-17Move timestamp and version files into 'generated' subdirSimon Glass
2011-07-28Fix build error causes by "unify version_string"Wolfgang Denk
2011-07-28unify version_stringAndreas BieƟmann
2008-05-13Makefile: fix "error: version_autogenerated.h: No such file or directory"Wolfgang Denk
2006-02-21Add GIT version information (commid ID) to untagged U-Boot versionsWolfgang Denk
2005-08-15Changed to version 1.1.4Stefan Roese
2005-01-09* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 02 Sep 2004:wdenk
2004-05-03* Fix minor NAND JFFS2 related issuewdenk
2004-04-12Fix if / elif handling bug in HUSH shellwdenk
2004-04-10Release version 1.1.0U-Boot-1_1_0wdenk
2004-01-06Add a common get_ram_size() function and modify the thewdenk
2003-11-07* Patch by Bernhard Kuhn, 28 Oct 2003:wdenk
2003-10-29* Prepare for releasewdenk
2003-09-11* Patch by Gary Jennejohn, 11 Sep 2003:wdenk
2003-08-31Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 7 Aug 2003:wdenk
2003-08-28* Fix ICU862 environment problemwdenk
2003-08-17* Make Ethernet autonegotiation on INCA-IP work for all clock rates;U-Boot-0_4_6wdenk
2003-07-17* Patch by Martin Krause, 17 Jul 2003:wdenk
2003-07-16Incorporate Patch by Lutz Dennig, 15 Jul 2003.wdenk
2003-07-14* Patches by Yuli Barcohen, 13 Jul 2003:wdenk
2003-06-30* Patch by Seb James, 30 Jun 2003:wdenk
2003-06-27* Code cleanup:LABEL_2003_06_27_2340wdenk
2003-06-26* Patches by Robert Schwebel, 26 Jun 2003:U-Boot-0_4_0wdenk
2003-04-27* LWMON extensions:wdenk
2003-04-10Add support for TQM862L moduleswdenk
2003-04-08Prepare for 0.3.0 releaseU-Boot-0_3_0wdenk
2003-02-28* Add support for 16 MB flash configuration of TRAB boardLABEL_2003_02_28_0150wdenk
2003-01-13Add support for V37 boardLABEL_2003_01_14_0055wdenk
2002-12-20* Switch LWMON board default config from FRAM to EEPROM;LABEL_2002_12_21_0040wdenk
2002-12-17Prepare for release of version 0.2.0wdenk
2002-11-03* Fix mdelay() on TRAB - this was still the debugging version withwdenk
2002-11-03Initial revisionwdenk