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2013-02-05DRIVERS: DW_MMC: Correct the fifo_sizeInderpal Singh
2013-02-05COMMAND: MMC: Extend mmc command to make emmc bootableInderpal Singh
2013-01-23Fix rebase error introduced in 63cbf0c63b2013.01.1John Rigby
2012-12-06serial_pl011: Set RTS during initializationJoshua Housh
2012-12-06ahci: set udma mode to 5 to fix some 1.5Gbps drivesRob Herring
2012-12-06net: calxedaxgmac: disable pause frame transmitRob Herring
2012-12-06EXYNOS: mmc: work around rebase build errorJohn Rigby
2012-12-06DRIVERS: USB: Initialize HSIC PHYs and enable network supportInderpal Singh
2012-12-06driver: dwmmc: Add the clock divider code for exynos dwmmcGirish K S
2012-12-06exynos: uart: s5p: fix the garbled decompressing linux...messageAlim Akhtar
2012-12-06mmc: dw-mmc: add dw-mmc's confiuration at MakefileJaehoon Chung
2012-12-06EXYNOS: mmc: support DesignWare Controller for Samsung-SoCJaehoon Chung
2012-12-06Add DNW Support for Origen Quad boardInderpal Singh
2012-12-06gpio:fix: Proper handling of GPIO subsystem parts at Samsung devicesƁukasz Majewski
2012-12-06Allow loading of u-boot.bin for backward compatibilityJohn Rigby
2012-12-06OMAP4: Panda: Add usb peripheral bootJohn Rigby
2012-11-04usb gadget ether: Fix warning in is_eth_addr_valid()Tom Rini
2012-11-04drivers/serial/serial_ns16550.c: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/mtd/nand: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/mtd/cfi_flash.c: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/mmc/fsl_esdhc.c: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/mmc/mmc.c: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/input/input.c: sparse fixKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/gpio/mpc83xx_gpio.c: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/block/: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04drivers/net/: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04net/: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04include/linux/byteorder: import latest endian definitions from linuxKim Phillips
2012-11-02ahci: Expand HDD Logical Block addressability up to 32 bitsWalter Murphy
2012-11-02ahci: Perform SATA flush after disk write.Marc Jones
2012-11-02ahci: Support spin-up and link-up separatelyMarc Jones
2012-11-02ahci: Adjust SATA timeouts for hard disk (spinup delay & command timeout)Walter Murphy
2012-11-02ahci: flush / invalidate dcache around SATA commandsTaylor Hutt
2012-11-02ahci: Use virt_to_phys() to denote physical addresses for DMATaylor Hutt
2012-11-02ahci: Fix 'Invaild' typoTaylor Hutt
2012-11-02ahci: Use sizeof(fis) instead of hardcoding '20'Taylor Hutt
2012-11-02ahci: Make the AHCI code find the capacity of disks > 128 GB properlyGabe Black
2012-11-02ahci: support scsi writing in AHCI driverHung-Te Lin
2012-11-02ahci: Make sending the SETFEATURES_XFER command optionalGabe Black
2012-11-02ahci: cosmetics and cleanupStefan Reinauer
2012-11-02ahci: Improve AHCI debuggingStefan Reinauer
2012-11-02ahci: Optimise AHCI controller reset and start-upStefan Reinauer
2012-11-02ahci: Support splitting of read transactions into multiple chunksVadim Bendebury
2012-10-29FPGA: Cyclon II: Correctly reset the FPGA before configurationStephan Gatzka
2012-10-26Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armTom Rini
2012-10-26stdio: Remove the CLPS7111 serial driverMarek Vasut
2012-10-26arm: Remove support for NETARMMarek Vasut
2012-10-26arm: Remove support for s3c4510Marek Vasut
2012-10-26arm: Remove support for lpc2292Marek Vasut
2012-10-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-atmel/master'Albert ARIBAUD