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2003-03-26* Patch by Rick Bronson, 16 Mar 2003:wdenk
Add support for Atmel AT91RM9200DK w/NAND * Patches by Robert Schwebel, 19 Mar 2003: - use arm-linux-gcc as default compiler for ARM - fix i2c fixup code - fix missing baudrate setting - added $loadaddr / CFG_LOAD_ADDR support to loadb - moved "ignoring trailing characters" _before_ u-boot wants to print out diagnostics messages; removes bogus characters at the end of transmission * Patch by John Zhan, 18 Mar 2003: Add support for SinoVee Microsystems SC8xx boards * Patch by Rolf Offermanns, 21 Mar 2003: ported the dnp1110 related changes from the current armboot cvs to current u-boot cvs. smc91111 does not work. problem marked in smc91111.c, grep for "FIXME". * Patch by Brian Auld, 25 Mar 2003: Add support for STM flash chips on ebony board * Add PCI support for MPC8250 Boards (PM825 module) * Patch by Stefan Roese, 25 Mar 2003:
2003-03-25Add PCI support for MPC8250 Boards (PM825 module)wdenk
2003-03-14* Avoid flicker on the TRAB's VFD by synchronizing the enable withwdenk
the HSYNC/VSYNC. Requires new CPLD code (Version 101 for Rev. 100 boards, version 153 for Rev. 200 boards). * Patch by Vladimir Gurevich, 12 Mar 2003: Fix relocation problem of statically initialized string pointers in common/cmd_pci.c * Patch by Kai-Uwe Blöm, 12 Mar 2003: Cleanup & bug fixes for JFFS2 code: - the memory mangement was broken. It caused havoc on malloc by writing beyond the block boundaries. - the length calculation for files was wrong, sometimes resulting in short file reads. - data copying now optionally takes fragment version numbers into account, to avoid copying from older data. See doc/README.JFFS2 for details.
2003-03-12* Patch by Josef Wagner, 12 Mar 2003:wdenk
- 16/32 MB and 50/80 MHz support with auto-detection for IP860 - ETH05 and BEDBUG support for CU824 - added support for MicroSys CPC45 - new BOOTROM/FLASH0 and DOC base for PM826 * Patch by Robert Schwebel, 12 Mar 2003: Fix the chpart command on innokom board * Name cleanup: mv include/asm-i386/ppcboot-i386.h include/asm-i386/u-boot-i386.h s/PPCBoot/U-Boot/ in some files s/pImage/uImage/ in some files * Patch by Detlev Zundel, 15 Jan 2003: Fix '' command line quoting * Patch by The LEOX team, 19 Jan 2003: - add support for the ELPT860 board - add support for Dallas ds164x RTC
2003-03-06* Patches by David Müller, 31 Jan 2003:LABEL_2003_03_06_2255wdenk
- minimal setup for CardBus bridges - add EEPROM read/write support in the CS8900 driver - add support for the builtin I2C controller in the Samsung s3c24x0 chips - add support for MPL's VCMA9 (Samsung s3c2410 based) board * Patch by Steven Scholz, 04 Feb 2003: add support for RTC DS1307 * Patch by Reinhard Meyer, 5 Feb 2003: fix PLPRCR/SCCR init sequence on 8xx to allow for changes of EBDF by software * Patch by Vladimir Gurevich, 07 Feb 2003: "API-compatibility patch" for 4xx I2C driver
2003-03-06Fix problem with default #definesLABEL_2003_03_06_1440wdenk
Cleanup compiler warning
2003-03-06* Patches by Robert Schwebel, 06 Mar 2003:wdenk
- fix bug in BOOTP code (must use NetCopyIP) - update of CSB226 port - clear BSS segment on XScale - added support for i2c_init_board() function - update to the Innokom plattform * Extend support for redundand environments for configurations where environment size < sector size
2003-03-06* Patch by Robert Schwebel, 21 Jan 2003:LABEL_2003_03_06_0050wdenk
- Add support for Innokom board - Don't complain if "install" fails - README cleanup (remove duplicated lines) - Update PXA header files * Add documentation for existing POST code (doc/README.POST) * Patch by Laudney Ren, 15 Jan 2003: Fix handling of redundand environment in "tools/envcrc.c" * Patch by Detlev Zundel, 28 Feb 2003: Add bedbug support for 824x systems * Add support for 16 MB flash configuration of TRAB board * Patch by Erwin Rol, 27 Feb 2003: Add support for RTEMS * Add image information to README * Fix dual PCMCIA slot support (when running with just one slot populated) * Add VFD type detection to trab board * extend drivers/cs8900.c driver to synchronize ethaddr environment variable with value in the EEPROM
2003-02-28* Add support for 16 MB flash configuration of TRAB boardLABEL_2003_02_28_0150wdenk
* Patch by Erwin Rol, 27 Feb 2003: Add support for RTEMS * Add image information to README * Fix dual PCMCIA slot support (when running with just one slot populated) * Add VFD type detection to trab board * extend drivers/cs8900.c driver to synchronize ethaddr environment variable with value in the EEPROM * Start adding MIPS support files
2003-02-14Add "pcidelay" environment variable (in ms, enabled via CONFIG_PCI_BOOTDELAY).stroese
2003-01-17* Add dual ethernet support on PM826wdenk
* Add support for LXT971 PHY on PM826 * Patch by Tord Andersson, 16 Jan 2003: Fix flash sector count for TQM8xxL * Fix I2C EEPROM problem on ICU862 board (would only write the first 16 bytes out of each 32 byte block)
2003-01-11* Restrict baudrate settings on LWMON to higher speedsLABEL_2003_01_11_1050wdenk
when watchdog is on * Update baudrate in bd_info when it gets changed * Add watchdog trigger points while waiting for serial port (so far only 8xx -- needed on LWMON with 100ms watchdog) * Improve command line tool to access the U-Boot's environment (figuration of the utility, using a config file)
2003-01-02Patch by Detlev Zundel, 30 Dec 2002:wdenk
Add single quote support for (old) command line parser
2002-12-17* Use 1-byte-read instead of -write for iprobe() functionwdenk
Add i2c commands to PM826 config * extend I2C POST code: check for list on known addresses
2002-12-08* Improve log buffer code; use "loglevel" to decide which messageswdenk
to log on the console, too (like in Linux); get rid of "logstart"
2002-12-07* Patch by Hans-Joerg Frieden, 06 Dec 2002LABEL_2002_12_07_0120wdenk
Fix misc problems with AmigaOne support * Patch by Chris Hallinan, 3 Dec 2002: minor cleanup to the MPC8245 EPIC driver * Patch by Pierre Aubert , 28 Nov 2002 Add support for external (SIU) interrupts on MPC8xx * Patch by Pierre Aubert , 28 Nov 2002 Fix nested syscalls bug in standalone applications * Patch by David Müller, 27 Nov 2002: fix output of "pciinfo" command for CardBus bridge devices. * Fix bug in TQM8260 board detection - boards got stuck when board ID was not readable
2002-12-04Add LED indication for IDE activity on KUP4K boardwdenk
2002-12-03* Fix startup problems with VFD display on TRABLABEL_2002_12_03_2230wdenk
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 20 Nov 2002 Add driver for Epson SED13806 graphic controller. Add support for BMP logos in cfb_console driver.
2002-11-21* Added support for both PCMCIA slots (at the same time!) on MPC8xxLABEL_2002_11_22_0015wdenk
* Patch by Rod Boyce, 21 Nov 2002: fix PCMCIA on MBX8xx board * Patch by Pierre Aubert , 21 Nov 2002 Add CFG_CPM_POST_WORD_ADDR to make the offset of the bootmode word in DPRAM configurable
2002-11-19* Patch by Thomas Frieden, 13 Nov 2002:wdenk
Add code for AmigaOne board (preliminary merge to U-Boot, still WIP) * Patch by Jon Diekema, 12 Nov 2002: - Adding URL for IEEE OUI lookup - Making the autoboot #defines dependent on CONFIG_AUTOBOOT_KEYED being defined. - In the CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS #define, the root-on-initrd and root-on-nfs macros are designed to switch how the default boot method gets defined.
2002-11-18* Patch by Daniel Engström, 13 Nov 2002:LABEL_2002_11_18_0115wdenk
Add support for i386 architecture and AMD SC520 board * Patch by Pierre Aubert, 12 Nov 2002: Add support for DOS filesystem and booting from DOS floppy disk
2002-11-11* Patch by Andreas Oberritter, 09 Nov 2002:wdenk
Change behaviour of NetLoop(): return -1 for errors, filesize otherwise; return code 0 is valid an means no file loaded - in this case the environment still gets updated! * Patches by Jon Diekema, 9 Nov 2002: - improve ADC/DAC clocking on the SACSng board to align the failing edges of LRCLK and SCLK - sbc8260 configuration tweaks - add status LED support for 82xx systems - wire sspi/sspo commands into command handler; improved error handlering - add timestamp support and alternate memory test to the SACSng configuration
2002-11-10* Vince Husovsky, 7 Nov 2002:LABEL_2002_11_10_2310wdenk
Add "-n" to linker options to get rid of "Not enough room for program headers" problem * Patch by David Müller, 05 Nov 2002 Rename CONFIG_PLL_INPUT_FREQ to CONFIG_SYS_CLK_FREQ so we can use an already existing name * Patch by Pierre Aubert, 05 Nov 2002 Hardware related improvements in FDC boot code * Patch by Holger Schurig, 5 Nov 2002: Make the PXA really change it's frequency * Patch by Pierre Aubert, 05 Nov 2002 Add support for slave serial Spartan 2 FPGAs * Fix uninitialized memory (MAC address) in 8xx SCC/FEC ethernet drivers
2002-11-05Quick & Dirty fix for log buffer problem when environment is not setwdenk
Trigger watchdog when reading the env - this might take a while. Set debugging baud rate for KUP4K board
2002-11-05* Add support for log buffer which can be passed to Linux kernel'sLABEL_2002_11_05_1735wdenk
syslog mechanism; used especially for POST results. * Patch by Klaus Heydeck, 31 Oct 2002: Add initial support for kup4k board
2002-11-04Patch by Guillaume Alexandre,, 04 Nov 2002:wdenk
Improve PCI access on 32-bits Compact PCI bus Adjust VFD initialization on TRAB Cleanup RRvision video code
2002-11-03* Fix mdelay() on TRAB - this was still the debugging version withwdenk
seconds instead of ms. * Patch by Robert Schwebel, 1 Nov 2002: XScale related cleanup (affects all ARM boards) * Cleanup of names, warnings and README.
2002-11-03Initial revisionwdenk
2002-11-03Initial revisionwdenk
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