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2012-03-26SPL: Add YMODEM over UART load supportMatt Porter
2012-03-23Revert "Add board_pre_console_putc to deal with early console output"Simon Glass
2012-03-19usb: replace wait_ms() with mdelay()Mike Frysinger
2012-03-18bootstage: Plumb in bootstage calls for basic operationsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Implement core microsecond boot time measurementSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Replace show_boot_progress/error() with bootstage_...()Simon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert FIT progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert net progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert NAND progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert IDE progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert progress numbers 10-19 to enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert progress numbers 1-9 into enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Use show_boot_error() for -ve progress numbersSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Make use of BOOTSTAGE_ID_RUN_OS in show_boot_progress()Simon Glass
2012-03-18bootvx: Clear and disable data cache, and call vxWorks with parameter.Reinhard Arlt
2012-03-06image: Support FDTs already loaded at their load addressStephen Warren
2012-03-06cmd_cache: use cache/invalidate functions available in common.hStefan Kristiansson
2012-03-06Convert cmd_usage() calls in common to use a return valueSimon Glass
2012-03-06Add cmd_process() to process commands in one placeSimon Glass
2012-03-06Remove interleave of non-U-Boot code in hushSimon Glass
2012-03-06Create a single cmd_call() function to handle command executionSimon Glass
2012-03-06Don't include standard parser if hush is usedSimon Glass
2012-03-06Stop using builtin_run_command()Simon Glass
2012-03-06Rename run_command2() to run_command()Simon Glass
2012-03-06Rename run_command() to builtin_run_command()Simon Glass
2012-03-06Remove CMD_PXE's static on run_command()Simon Glass
2012-03-03USB: relax usbcore reset timingsWolfgang Grandegger
2012-03-03USB: move keyboard polling into kbd driveramartin@nvidia.com
2012-03-03USB: reevaluate iomux stdin on USB kbd detectamartin@nvidia.com
2012-03-03usb: add numeric keypad support to HID driverVincent Palatin
2012-03-03USB: fix USB keyboard polling parameterVincent Palatin
2012-03-03USB: Make struct devrequest setup_packet localMarek Vasut
2012-03-03USB: Separate out USB hub driverMarek Vasut
2012-03-03USB: Staticize internal functionsMarek Vasut
2012-03-03Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nand-flashWolfgang Denk
2012-02-28cmd_nand.c: Fix 'nand dump' after latest MTD resyncTom Rini
2012-02-27common/image.c: align usage of fdt_high with initrd_highShawn Guo
2012-02-17Merge branch 'trini@ti.com' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-stagingWolfgang Denk
2012-02-14cmd_eeprom: typoPeter Meerwald
2012-02-13Merge branch 'sf' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfinWolfgang Denk
2012-02-12sf command: allow default bus and chip selectsEric Nelson
2012-02-12davinci: add support for printing clock frequencyHadli, Manjunath
2012-02-12common, menu: do not trigger timeout again, if a line is readHeiko Schocher
2012-02-12common, menu: show menu on startup if CONFIG_MENU_SHOW is definedHeiko Schocher
2012-02-12common, menu: add statusline supportHeiko Schocher
2012-02-12common: add possibility for readline_into_buffer timeoutHeiko Schocher
2012-01-13openrisc: Add board info printout to cmd_bdinfoStefan Kristiansson
2012-01-13openrisc: Add architecture image supportStefan Kristiansson
2012-01-05usb_storage: Fix EHCI "out of buffer pointers" with CD-ROMKyle Moffett
2012-01-05env: factor out the env_get_char_spec() functionIgor Grinberg