path: root/common/cmd_bootm.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-05cmd_bootm: Add support to append MAC address to bootargsTushar Behera
2012-12-06bootz: un-staticize do_bootzRob Herring
2012-11-04common/cmd_*.c: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-09-24net: Improve the speed of netconsoleJoe Hershberger
2012-05-22common/cmd_bootm.c: Fix GCC 4.6 warningAnatolij Gustschin
2012-04-09LMB: Fix undefined lmb_reserve() on non-lmb platformsMarek Vasut
2012-03-30BOOT: Add RAW ramdisk support to bootzMarek Vasut
2012-03-30BOOT: Add "bootz" command to boot Linux zImage on ARMMarek Vasut
2012-03-18bootstage: Plumb in bootstage calls for basic operationsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Replace show_boot_progress/error() with bootstage_...()Simon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert FIT progress numbers to enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert progress numbers 1-9 into enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Use show_boot_error() for -ve progress numbersSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Make use of BOOTSTAGE_ID_RUN_OS in show_boot_progress()Simon Glass
2012-03-06Convert cmd_usage() calls in common to use a return valueSimon Glass
2012-03-06Stop using builtin_run_command()Simon Glass
2012-03-06Rename run_command() to builtin_run_command()Simon Glass
2011-12-01image: Don't detect XIP images as overlapping.Stephen Warren
2011-12-01image: Implement IH_TYPE_KERNEL_NOLOADStephen Warren
2011-11-23common/cmd_bootm.c: Fix GCC 4.6 warningsAnatolij Gustschin
2011-10-22checkpatch whitespace cleanupsStephen Warren
2011-10-21removed static from images in cmd_bootm.cSimon Schwarz
2011-10-20cosmetic: Fixup fixup_silent_linux() for checkpatchDoug Anderson
2011-10-17sandbox: Add bootm supportSimon Glass
2011-10-05image: push default arch values to arch headersMike Frysinger
2011-09-05Flush cache after the OS image is loaded into the memory.Diana CRACIUN
2011-07-25autostart: unify duplicated logic into the bootm codeMike Frysinger
2011-04-25Respect memreserve regions specified in the device treeGrant Likely
2011-04-25Remove device tree booting dependency on CONFIG_SYS_BOOTMAPSZGrant Likely
2011-04-25Stop passing around bootmem_base value.Grant Likely
2011-04-11bootm: replace blob_start with image_startLei Wen
2011-01-09load_addr: move to common env codeMike Frysinger
2010-11-28do_reset: unify duplicate prototypesMike Frysinger
2010-10-18boot: change some arch ifdefs to feature ifdefsJohn Rigby
2010-10-18FDT: only call boot_get_fdt from generic codeJohn Rigby
2010-09-28Add support for operating system OSETorkel Lundgren
2010-09-20cfi_flash: Simplify dynamic flash bank number detectionStefan Roese
2010-08-07LZMA and LZO causes compile errorMatthias Weisser
2010-08-04bootm: fix pointer warning with lzmaMike Frysinger
2010-07-24cmd_usage(): simplify return code handlingWolfgang Denk
2010-07-04Make sure that argv[] argument pointers are not modified.Wolfgang Denk
2010-06-23Remove AmigaOneG3SE boardWolfgang Denk
2010-05-28nios: remove nios-32 archThomas Chou
2010-05-06Move test for unnecessary memmove to memmove_wd()Larry Johnson
2010-04-01Merge branch 'next'Wolfgang Denk
2010-03-29bootm, linux: fix booting Multi-File Image with "kernel+ramdisk+fdt"Heiko Schocher
2010-03-21cmd_bootm.c: made subcommand array staticFrans Meulenbroeks
2010-01-26gzip/zlib: make features optionalMike Frysinger
2010-01-21lmb: only force on arches that use itMike Frysinger