path: root/board/keymile/common
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-31km/common: remove printfs for i2c deblocking codeHolger Brunck
2012-07-07arm/km: enable BOCO2 FPGA download supportValentin Longchamp
2012-06-15km/common: check test_bank and testpin for testbootThomas Herzmann
2012-06-15powerpc/83xx: configure CONFIG_POST for kmcoge5neThomas Herzmann
2012-06-15powerpc/83xx/km: added missing enable of application bufferStefan Bigler
2012-06-15km/common: fixed error in ethaddr (1-byte-shift)Thomas Herzmann
2011-11-03powerpc/83xx: move km 83xx specific i2c code to km83xx_i2cHolger Brunck
2011-10-22km/common: remove obsolete header fileHolger Brunck
2011-10-22km/common: fix ramfs development targetAndreas Huber
2011-10-22km/common: force set ethaddr only for KM kirkwood boardsHolger Brunck
2011-09-21km/common: fix bug in IVM mac address accessHolger Brunck
2011-07-28km/common: i2c deblock: enabled print of i2c deblock statusStefan Bigler
2011-07-28km/common: add printings to boardid commandsHolger Brunck
2011-07-27powerpc/km82xx: remove 82xx specific functions from common.cHolger Brunck
2011-07-27km/common: remove fdt_(gs)et_node_and_valueHolger Brunck
2011-07-27km/common: move ivm functions from to ivm.cHolger Brunck
2011-07-27km/common: remove saveenv from do_checkboardidhwkeyHolger Brunck
2011-07-27km/common: force set ethaddr after reading IVMHolger Brunck
2011-07-27km/common: remove obsolete defines and headerHolger Brunck
2011-05-18km/common: implement boardId HWkey checks as u-boot cmdThomas Herzmann
2011-05-10km/common: implement setboardid commandHolger Brunck
2011-05-10powerpc/km82xx: add mgcoge3ne and remove mgcoge2ne supportHolger Brunck
2011-05-10powerpc/km82xx: rework DIP switch detectionHuber, Andreas
2011-05-10km/common: remove hdlc_enet implementationHolger Brunck
2011-04-30keymile, common: add setting of some environment variablesHeiko Schocher
2011-04-30keymile boards: add CONFIG_PIGGY_MAC_ADRESS_OFFSETHeiko Schocher
2011-04-30keymile, common; fix i2c deblocking supportHeiko Schocher
2011-04-30ppc, 8321: cleanup tuxa1, tuda1 and suvd3 supportHeiko Schocher
2011-04-30ppc: add support for ppc based board mgcoge2neHeiko Schocher
2011-04-30mpc832x: add support for the mpc8321 based suvd3 boardHeiko Schocher
2011-04-30keymile: Fix Coding style issues for keymile boards.Heiko Schocher
2011-04-30arm, keymile: rename MACH_SUEN3 to MACH_KM_KIRKWOODHolger Brunck
2010-08-09net ppc: fix ethernet device names with spacesHeiko Schocher
2010-04-21Move arch/ppc to arch/powerpcStefan Roese
2010-04-13ppc: Move cpu/$CPU to arch/ppc/cpu/$CPUPeter Tyser
2010-03-07arm: add support for the suen3 board from keymileHeiko Schocher
2009-07-21i2c, mpc83xx: add CONFIG_SYS_I2C_INIT_BOARD for fsl_i2cHeiko Schocher
2009-07-21powerpc: updates for the keymile boardsHeiko Schocher
2009-06-12General help message cleanupWolfgang Denk
2009-03-188xx: add support for new keymile kmsupx4 board.Heiko Schocher
2009-03-188xx, mgsuvd: rename board to a more generic nameHeiko Schocher
2009-03-0583xx, kmeter1: add I2C, dtt, eeprom supportHeiko Schocher
2009-01-28Command usage cleanupPeter Tyser
2009-01-24powerpc: keymile: Add a check for the PIGGY debug boardHeiko Schocher
2008-12-07keymile add the common parts of the HDLC driverGary Jennejohn
2008-10-18mgcoge, mgsuvd: extract more common codeHeiko Schocher
2008-10-18mgsuvd: fix compiler warning when using soft_i2c driverHeiko Schocher
2008-10-18rename CFG_ macros to CONFIG_SYSJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2008-10-18mgcoge, mgsuvd: added support for the IVM EEprom.Heiko Schocher
2008-10-18mgcoge, mgsuvd: add board specific I2C deblocking mechanism.Heiko Schocher