path: root/board/comelit
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-15ARM:OMAP+:MMC: Add parameters to MMC initJonathan Solnit
2011-11-04ARM: dig297: Define MACH_TYPE_OMAP3_CPS and CONFIG_MACH_TYPELuca Ceresoli
2011-10-15punt unused clean/distclean targetsMike Frysinger
2011-09-13omap: gpio: Adapt board files to use generic APISanjeev Premi
2011-09-04OMAP3: DIG297: Use generic MMC driverTom Rini
2011-04-27ARMV7: OMAP3: Add support for Comelit DIG297 boardLuca Ceresoli