path: root/arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc85xx/portals.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-22mpc85xx/portals: Add qman and bman ip_cfg field into portal infoHaiying Wang
2011-10-18powerpc/85xx: Add support for RMan LIODN initializationKumar Gala
2011-09-29fdt: Rename fdt_create_phandle to fdt_set_phandleKumar Gala
2011-09-29powerpc/85xx: Fix compile warnings/errors if CONFIG_SYS_DPAA_FMAN isn't setKumar Gala
2011-07-22powerpc/85xx: add support the ePAPR "phandle" propertyTimur Tabi
2011-04-27powerpc/85xx: Add device tree fixup for bman portalHaiying Wang
2011-04-04powerpc/85xx: Refactor Qman/Portal support to be shared between SoCsHaiying Wang
2010-07-26powerpc/85xx: Add support to initialize LIODN registers and portalsKumar Gala