path: root/arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc85xx/ddr-gen3.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-2285xx: Protect timeout_save variable with ifdefsAndy Fleming
2012-10-22powerpc/mpc85xx: Add workaround for DDR erratum A004934York Sun
2012-10-22powerpc/mpc8xxx: Fix DDR initialization waiting for D_INITYork Sun
2012-10-22powerpc/mpc8xxx: Update DDR registersYork Sun
2012-08-23powerpc/mpc8xxx: Enable 3-way and 4-way DDR interleavingYork Sun
2012-08-23powerpc/mpc85xx: Skip zero values for DDR debug registersYork Sun
2012-08-08powerpc/mpc8xxx: fix workaround for errata DDR111 and DDR134 for DDR over 4GBYork Sun
2011-11-29powerpc/85xx: Add workaround for erratum A-003474York Sun
2011-03-24powerpc/mpc8xxx: fix workaround for errata DDR111 and DDR134York Sun
2011-02-03powerpc/mpc85xx: implement workaround for errata DDR111 and DDR134York Sun
2011-02-03powerpc/85xx: Rename MPC8572 DDR erratum to DDR115York Sun
2011-02-03powerpc/85xx: Remove unnecessary polling loop from DDR initYork Sun
2011-01-19mpc85xx: Implement workaround for erratum DDR-A003York Sun
2011-01-19mpc85xx: Enable unique mode registers and dynamic ODT for DDR3York Sun
2011-01-19mpc85xx: Adding more registers and optionsYork Sun
2010-07-26powerpc/8xxx: Enabled address hashing for 85xxyork
2010-04-21Move arch/ppc to arch/powerpcStefan Roese