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2012-08-14Add support for Bluegiga APX4 Development KitVeli-Pekka Peltola
2012-08-14at91: Add support for taskit AT91SAM9G20 boards.Markus Hubig
2012-08-14MAINTAINERS: fix Andreas Bießmann AVR32 entryAndreas Bießmann
2012-08-14MAINTAINERS: fix entry of Ilko IlievAndreas Bießmann
2012-08-14arm : Atmel : add at91sam9x5ek board supportBo Shen
2012-07-31SMDK6400: Add MAINTAINERS entryZhong Hongbo
2012-07-09tegra: Add Tamonten Evaluation Carrier supportThierry Reding
2012-07-08Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armWolfgang Denk
2012-07-07add new board vl_ma2scesw@bus-elektronik.de
2012-07-07arm/km: add kmcoge5un board supportHolger Brunck
2012-07-07arm/km: add kmnusa board supportHolger Brunck
2012-07-07Kirkwood: add lschlv2 and lsxhl board supportMichael Walle
2012-07-07arm/km: change maintainer for mgcoge3unHolger Brunck
2012-07-07tegra: Compulab TrimSlice board supportStephen Warren
2012-07-07tegra: Whistler board supportStephen Warren
2012-07-06powerpc/mpc85xx:Add BSC9131 RDB SupportPrabhakar Kushwaha
2012-06-15MAINTAINERS: cleanup for keymile boardsHolger Brunck
2012-06-15powerpc/83xx: add kmcoge5ne board supportHolger Brunck
2012-05-28sh: Add support for AP-SH4A-4A boardNobuhiro Iwamatsu
2012-05-28sh: Add support for r0p7734 boardNobuhiro Iwamatsu
2012-05-15OMAP4/5: Change omap4_sdp, omap4_panda, omap5_evm maintainerSRICHARAN R
2012-05-15kirkwood: add support for Cloud Engines Pogoplug E02David Purdy
2012-05-15kirkwood: add NAS62x0 board supportLuka Perkov
2012-05-15devkit3250: add Timll DevKit3250 board initial supportVladimir Zapolskiy
2012-04-22board/adp-ag102: add configuration of adp-ag102Macpaul Lin
2012-04-16OMAP: Move omap1510inn to Unmaintained / OrphanedTom Rini
2012-03-29OMAP: Remove omap1610inn-based boardsTom Rini
2012-02-27omap3_beagle: Change MAINTAINERS entryTom Rini
2012-02-27am335x_evm: Change MAINTAINERS entryTom Rini
2012-02-13Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfinWolfgang Denk
2012-02-12Blackfin: br4: new board portDimitar Penev
2012-02-12Blackfin: pr1: new board portDimitar Penev
2012-02-12arm, davinci: Add support for the Calimain board from OMICRON electronicsChristian Riesch
2012-02-12mcx: support for HTKW mcx boardIlya Yanok
2012-02-12ARM: omap3: Added Teejet mt_ventouxStefano Babic
2012-02-12EXYNOS: Add SMDK5250 board supportChander Kashyap
2012-02-12ARMV7: Exynos4: Add support for TRATS boardHeungJun, Kim
2012-02-12kirkwood: add support for D-Link DNS-325Stefan
2012-02-12OMAP3: Add Corscience Tricorder boardThomas Weber
2012-02-12tegra2: Add support for Compal Paz00 (Toshiba AC100)Stephen Warren
2012-01-16ARMV7: Add support For Logic OMAP35x/DM37x modulesPeter Barada
2012-01-16i.mx: i.mx6q: add the initial support for i.mx6q Sabre Lite boardJason Liu
2012-01-16mx28evk: Add initial support for MX28EVK boardFabio Estevam
2012-01-13openrisc: Add MAINTAINERS entryStefan Kristiansson
2012-01-09powerpc/83xx/km: add support for 8321 based tuge1 boardHolger Brunck
2012-01-09powerpc/83xx/km: merge tuxa and tuda1 boards to tuxx1Holger Brunck
2011-12-24tegra2: Add Avionic Design Medcom support.Thierry Reding
2011-12-24tegra2: Add Avionic Design Plutux support.Thierry Reding
2011-12-24ARM: omap3: add support to Technexion twister boardStefano Babic
2011-12-10Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armWolfgang Denk