AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-19ColdFire: Move boards with simple _config rules to boards.cfgstany MARCEL
2011-10-19ColdFire: Fix compilation with CONFIG_SYS_DRAMSZ1 definedstany MARCEL
2011-10-19ColdFire: Merge differentiated linking files into a sigle one by boardstany MARCEL
2011-10-19ColdFire: Add $(obj) before cpu lib to correct buildstany MARCEL
2011-10-19ColdFire: Cleanup lds files for multiple defined symbolsstany MARCEL
2011-10-17Move timestamp and version files into 'generated' subdirSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Makefile changes to build sandbox architectureSimon Glass
2011-10-17Add generic gpio.h in asm-genericSimon Glass
2011-10-17Adjust dependency rules to permit per-file flagsSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Use uintptr_t for 32/64-bit compatibilitySimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add basic config fileSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add serial uartSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add main programSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add OS dependent layerSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Force command sections to be 4-byte alignedSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Disable standalone/API supportSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Disable built-in mallocSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add bootm supportSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add board info for architectureSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add sandbox boardSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add architecture lib filesSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add cpu filesSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add compiler defines to support a 64-bit x86_64 platformSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add architecture image supportSimon Glass
2011-10-17Fix use of int as pointer in image.cSimon Glass
2011-10-17sandbox: Add architecture header filesSimon Glass
2011-10-17arm: ca9x4_ct_vxp: enable PXE BOOTP options supportJason Hobbs
2011-10-17arm: ca9x4_ct_vxp: enable pxe command supportJason Hobbs
2011-10-17Convert ca9x4_ct_vxp to standard env variablesJason Hobbs
2011-10-17net: bootp: add PXE/RFC 4578 DHCP options supportJason Hobbs
2011-10-17Add pxe commandJason Hobbs
2011-10-17lib: add uuid_str_to_bin for use with bootp and PXE uuidJason Hobbs
2011-10-17README: document standard image variablesJason Hobbs
2011-10-17Replace space and tab checks with isblankJason Hobbs
2011-10-17cosmetic: remove unneeded curly bracesJason Hobbs
2011-10-17Add isblankJason Hobbs
2011-10-17common: add run_command2 for running simple or hush commandsJason Hobbs
2011-10-17common, menu: use abortboot for menu timeoutJason Hobbs
2011-10-17Add generic, reusable menu codeJason Hobbs
2011-10-17DM9000:Add a byte swap macro for dm9000 io operation.Jason Jin
2011-10-17kw_gpio: fix error in kw_gpio_direction_inputHolger Brunck
2011-10-17Blackfin: bfin_spi: fix build error when DEBUG is definedMike Frysinger
2011-10-17Blackfin: define CONFIG_SYS_CACHELINE_SIZEMike Frysinger
2011-10-17video: Moving mx3fb.c to CONFIG_VIDEOHelmut Raiger
2011-10-17mx31: make HSP clock for mx3fb driver availableHelmut Raiger
2011-10-17MX5: Make IPU display output and pixel format configurableMarek Vasut
2011-10-17VIDEO: MX5: export pix formatStefano Babic
2011-10-17VIDEO: MX5: Switch MX5 to CONFIG_VIDEOStefano Babic
2011-10-17video: update the Freescale DIU driver to use linux/fb.hTimur Tabi
2011-10-17powerpc: cpm2 boards: update fcc register logicMike Frysinger