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2004-06-24Add MicroSys maintainer.LABEL_2004_06_24_1800wdenk
2004-06-19Patch by Josef Wagner, 04 Jun 2004:wdenk
- DDR Ram support for PM520 (MPC5200) - support for different flash types (PM520) - USB / IDE / CF-Card / DiskOnChip support for PM520 - 8 bit boot rom support for PM520/CE520 - Add auto SDRAM module detection for MicroSys CPC45 board (MPC8245) - I2C and RTC support for CPC45 - support of new flash type (28F160C3T) for CPC45
2004-06-17* Fix flash parameters passed to Linux for PPChameleon boardwdenk
* Remove eth_init() from lib_arm/board.c; it's done in net.net.c.
2004-06-10* Patch by Paul Ruhland, 10 Jun 2004:wdenk
fix support for Logic SDK-LH7A404 board and clean up the LH7A404 register macros. * Patch by Matthew McClintock, 10 Jun 2004: Modify code to select correct serial clock on Sandpoint8245
2004-06-10* Patch by Robert Schwebel, 10 Jun 2004:wdenk
Add support for Intel K3 strata flash. * Some cleanup * Patch by Thomas Brand, 10 Jun 2004: Fix "loads" command on DK1S10 board
2004-06-09Remove duplicate entrywdenk
2004-06-09Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 09 Jun 2004:wdenk
Add support for 8MB flash SIMM and JFFS2 file system on Motorola FADS board and its derivatives (MPC86xADS, MPC885ADS).
2004-06-09* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 09 Jun 2004:wdenk
Add support for Analogue&Micro Adder87x and the older AdderII board. * Patch by Ming-Len Wu, 09 Jun 2004: Add suppport for MC9328 (Dargonball) CPU and Motorola MX1ADS board
2004-06-09Patch by Sam Song, 09 Jun 2004:wdenk
- Add support for RPXlite_DW board - Update FLASH driver for 4*AM29DL323DB90VI - Add option configuration of CFG_ENV_IS_IN_NVRAM on RPXlite_DW board
2004-06-09* Patch by Mark Jonas, 08 June 2004:wdenk
- Make MPC5200 boards evaluate the SVR to print processor name and version in checkcpu() (cpu/mpc5xxx/cpu.c). * Patch by Kai-Uwe Bloem, 06 May 2004: Fix endianess problem in cramfs code
2004-06-09* Patch by Tom Armistead, 04 Jun 2004:wdenk
Add support for MAX6900 RTC * Patches by Ladislav Michl, 03 Jun 2004: - fix cfi_flash.c on LE systems - let 'make mrproper' delete u-boot.img as well - turn printf into debug in cfi_flash.c
2004-06-09Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 28 May 2004:wdenk
Add support for Exys XSEngine board Some code cleanup.
2004-06-09* Patch by Martin Krause, 27 May 2004:wdenk
Fix a MPC5xxx I2C timing issue in i2c_probe(). * Patch by Leif Lindholm, 27 May 2004: Fix board_init_f() for dbau1x00 board.
2004-06-09* Patch by Imre Deak, 26 May 2004:wdenk
On OMAP1610 platforms check if booting from RAM(CS0) or flash(CS3). Set flash base accordingly, and decide whether to do or skip board specific setup steps. * Patch by Josef Baumgartner, 26 May 2004: Add missing define in include/asm-m68k/global_data.h
2004-06-09* Patch by Josef Baumgartner, 25 May 2004:wdenk
Add missing functions get_ticks() and get_tbclk() in lib_m68k/time.c * Patch by Paul Ruhland, 24 May 2004: fix SDRAM initialization for LPD7A400 board.
2004-06-09Patch by Jian Zhang, 20 May 2004:wdenk
add support for environment in NAND flash
2004-06-09Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 20 May 2004:wdenk
Add support for Interphase iSPAN boards.
2004-06-09* Patch by Paul Ruhland, 17 May 2004:wdenk
- Add support for the Logic Zoom LH7A40x based SDK board(s), specifically the LPD7A400. * Patches by Robert Schwebel, 15 May 2004: - call MAC address reading code also for SMSC91C111; - make SMSC91C111 timeout configurable, remove duplicate code - fix get_timer() for PXA - update doc/README.JFFS2 - use "bootfile" env variable also for jffs2
2004-06-09Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 14 May 2004:wdenk
Add support for Cogent CSB472 board (8MB Flash Rev)
2004-06-09Patch by Thomas Viehweger, 14 May 2004:wdenk
- flash.h: more flash types added - immap_8260.h: some bits added (useful for RMII) - cmd_coninfo.c: typo corrected, printf -> puts - reduced size by replacing spaces with tab
2004-06-09Patch by Robert Schwebel, 13 May 2004:wdenk
Add 'imgextract' command: extract one part of a multi file image.
2004-06-09Patches by Jon Loeliger, 11 May 2004:wdenk
(partially, as they contained a lot of crap)
2004-06-09Patches Part 1 by Jon Loeliger, 11 May 2004:wdenk
Dynamically handle REV1 and REV2 MPC85xx parts. (Jon Loeliger, 10-May-2004). New consistent memory map and Local Access Window across MPC85xx line. New CCSRBAR at 0xE000_0000 now. Add RAPID I/O memory map. New memory map in README.MPC85xxads (Kumar Gala, 10-May-2004) Better board and CPU identification on MPC85xx boards at boot. (Jon Loeliger, 10-May-2004) SDRAM clock control fixes on MPC8540ADS & MPC8560 boards. Some configuration options for MPC8540ADS & MPC8560ADS cleaned up. (Jim Robertson, 10-May-2004) Rewrite of the MPC85xx Three Speed Ethernet Controller (TSEC) driver. Supports multiple PHYs. (Andy Fleming, 10-May-2004) Some README.MPC85xxads updates. (Kumar Gala, 10-May-2004) Copyright updates for "Freescale" (Andy Fleming, 10-May-2004)
2004-06-09Patch by Stephen Williams, 11 May 2004:wdenk
Add flash support for ST M29W040B Reduce JSE specific flash.c to remove dead code.
2004-06-09Patch by Markus Pietrek, 04 May 2004:wdenk
Fix clear_bss code for ARM systems (all except s3c44b0 which doesn't clear BSS at all?)
2004-06-08* Patch by Rishi Bhattacharya, 08 May 2004:wdenk
Add support for TI OMAP5912 OSK Board * Patch by Sam Song May, 07 May 2004: Fix typo of UPM table for rmu board
2004-06-07Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 5 May 2004:wdenk
- Intracom board update. - Add Codec POST.
2004-06-06Add support for the second Ethernet interface for the 'PPChameleon' board.wdenk
2004-06-06* Patch by Dave Peverley, 30 Apr 2004:wdenk
Add support for OMAP730 Perseus2 Development board * Patch by Alan J. Luse, 29 Apr 2004: Fix flash chip-select (OR0) option register setting on FADS boards. * Patch by Alan J. Luse, 29 Apr 2004: Report MII network speed and duplex setting properly when auto-negotiate is not enabled. * Patch by Jarrett Redd, 29 Apr 2004: Fix hang on reset on Ocotea board due to flash in wrong mode.
2004-06-06Patch by Dave Peverley, 29 Apr 2004:wdenk
add MAC address detection to smc91111 driver
2004-06-06Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 20 Apr 2004:wdenk
- README update: add CONFIG_CSB272 and csb272_config - add descriptions for some MII/PHY options, CONFIG_I2CFAST, and i2cfast environment variable
2004-06-06Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 19 Apr 2004:wdenk
- Rename DUET_ADS to MPC885ADS - Rename CONFIG_DUET to CONFIG_MPC885_FAMILY - Rename CONFIG_866_et_al to CONFIG_MPC866_FAMILY - Clean up FADS family port to use the new defines
2004-06-01Fix text alignmentwdenk
2004-06-01Fix PCI support on CPC45 boardwdenk
2004-05-29Fix CONFIG_ETH*ADDR for Ocotea board.LABEL_2004_05_29_1850wdenk
Sort Makefile. Update docs.
2004-05-19Patch by Scott McNutt, 25 Apr 2004:LABEL_2004_05_19_2335wdenk
Add Nios GDB/JTAG Console support: - Add stubs to support gdb via JTAG. - Add support for console over JTAG. - Minor cleanup.
2004-05-13Add support for CATcenter board (based on PPChameleon ME module)wdenk
2004-05-12Patch by Klaus Heydeck, 12 May 2004:wdenk
Using external watchdog for KUP4 boards in mpc8xx/cpu.c; load_sernum_ethaddr() for KUP4 boards in lib_ppc/board.c; various changes to KUP4 board specific files
2004-05-12Fix minor network problem on MPC5200wdenk
2004-05-12Fix handling of low-speed devices with SL811 USB controller (again).wdenk
2004-05-11Add some limited support for low-speed devices to SL811 USB controllerwdenk
(at least "usb reset" now passes successfully and "usb info" displays correct information)
2004-05-08Change init sequence for multiple network interfaces: initializewdenk
on-chip interfaces before external cards.
2004-05-05* Fix memory leak in the NAND-specific JFFS2 codewdenk
* Fix SL811 USB controller when attached to a USB hub
2004-05-05* Fix config option spelling in PM520 config filewdenk
* Fix PHY discovery problem in cpu/mpc8xx/fec.c (introduced by patches by Pantelis Antoniou, 30 Mar 2004)
2004-05-03* Fix minor NAND JFFS2 related issuewdenk
* Fixes for SL811 USB controller: - implement workaround for broken memory stick - improve error handling * Increase packet send timeout to 10 ms in cpu/mpc8xx/scc.c to better cope with congested networks.
2004-04-25Make compile clean.U-Boot-1_1_1wdenk
2004-04-25* Back out Patch by Christian Hohnstaedt, 23 Apr 2004:wdenk
(JFFS2 speed enhancements) because of using non-public data (PHYS_FLASH_SECT_SIZE) * Patch by Travis Sawyer, 23 Apr 2004: Fix VSC/CIS 8201 phy descrambler interoperability timing due to errata from Vitesse Semiconductor.
2004-04-25* Patch by Christian Hohnstaedt, 23 Apr 2004:wdenk
JFFS2 speed enhancements: - repair header CRC calculation in jffs2_1pass.c - add eraseblock size to the partition information to skip empty eraseblocks if we find more then 4k of free space. - The JFFS2 scanner is now fast enough to remove the spinning wheel so #ifdef-ed out. - add watchdog calls in long running loops * Patch by Philippe Robin, 22 Apr 2004: Fix ethernet configuration for "versatile" board * Patch by Kshitij Gupta, 21 Apr 2004: Remove busy loop and use MPU timer fr usleep() on OMAP1510/1610 boards * Patch by Steven Scholz, 24 Feb 2004: Fix a bug in AT91RM9200 ethernet driver: The MII interface is now initialized before accessing the PHY. * Cleanup PCI ID's
2004-04-25* Patch by John Kerl, 19 Apr 2004:wdenk
Use U-boot's miiphy.h for PHY register names, rather than introducing a new header file. * Update pci_ids.h from linux-2.4.26 * Patch by Masami Komiya, 19 Apr 2004: Fix problem cause by VLAN function on little endian architecture without VLAN environment
2004-04-24Clean up the TQM8xx_YYMHz configurations; allow to use the samewdenk
binary image for all clock frequencies. Implement run-time optimization of flash access timing based on the actual bus frequency.