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2003-09-13* Patch by David Müller, 13 Sep 2003:LABEL_2003_09_13_2100wdenk
various changes to VCMA9 board specific files * Add I2C support for MGT5100 / MPC5200
2003-09-12* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 11 Sep 2003:wdenk
Changed default memory option on MPC8266ADS to NOT be Page Based Interleave, since this doesn't work very well with the standard 16MB DIMM * Patch by George G. Davis, 12 Sep 2003: fix Makefile settings for sk98 driver
2003-09-12Move TRAB burn-in tests to TRAB board directoryLABEL_2003_09_12_1745wdenk
2003-09-12Patch by Stefan Roese, 12 Sep 2003stroese
2003-09-12New boards DP405, HUB405, PLU405, VOH405 added.stroese
2003-09-12New board config file added.stroese
2003-09-12Update configuration.stroese
2003-09-12PPC405EP: set vendor id.stroese
2003-09-12Disable memory controller before setting first values.stroese
2003-09-12PMC405 update.stroese
2003-09-12PCI405 update.stroese
2003-09-12CPCI405(AB) update.stroese
2003-09-12ASH405 update.stroese
2003-09-12Xilinx jtag tool added.stroese
2003-09-12Board VOH405 added.stroese
2003-09-12Board PLU405 added.stroese
2003-09-12Board HUB405 added.stroese
2003-09-12Board DP405 added.stroese
2003-09-11* Patch by Martin Krause, 11 Sep 2003:LABEL_2003_09_12_0110wdenk
add burn-in tests for TRAB board * Enable instruction cache on MPC5200 board
2003-09-11* Patch by Gary Jennejohn, 11 Sep 2003:wdenk
- allow for longer timeouts for USB mass storage devices * Patch by Denis Peter, 11 Sep 2003: - fix USB data pointer assignment for bulk only transfer. - prevent to display erased directories in FAT filesystem. * Change output format for NAND flash - make it look like for other memory, too
2003-09-10* Patches by Denis Peter, 9 Sep 2003:U-Boot-0_4_8wdenk
add FAT support for IDE, SCSI and USB * Patches by Gleb Natapov, 2 Sep 2003: - cleanup of POST code for unsupported architectures - MPC824x locks way0 of data cache for use as initial RAM; this patch unlocks it after relocation to RAM and invalidates the locked entries. * Patch by Gleb Natapov, 30 Aug 2003: new I2C driver for mpc107 bridge. Now works from flash. * Patch by Dave Ellis, 11 Aug 2003: - JFFS2: fix typo in common/cmd_jffs2.c - JFFS2: fix CFG_JFFS2_SORT_FRAGMENTS option - JFFS2: remove node version 0 warning - JFFS2: accept JFFS2 PADDING nodes - SXNI855T: add AM29LV800 support - SXNI855T: move environment from EEPROM to flash - SXNI855T: boot from JFFS2 in NOR or NAND flash * Patch by Bill Hargen, 11 Aug 2003: fixes for I2C on MPC8240 - fix i2c_write routine - fix iprobe command - eliminates use of global variables, plus dead code, cleanup.
2003-09-10* Add support for USB Mass Storage Devices (BBB)wdenk
(tested with USB memory sticks only) * Avoid flicker on TRAB's VFD
2003-09-05* Add support for SK98xx driverLABEL_2003_09_06_0055wdenk
* Add PCI support for SL8245 board * Support IceCube board configurations with 1 x AMD AM29LV065 (8 MB) or 1 x AM29LV652 (two LV065 in one chip = 16 MB); Run IPB at 133 Mhz; adjust the MII clock frequency accordingly * Set BRG_CLK on PM825/826 to 64MHz (VCO_OUT / 4, instead of 16 MHz) to allow for more accurate baudrate settings (error now 0.7% at 115 kbps, instead of 3.5% before) * Patch by Andreas Mohr, 4 Sep 2003: Fix a lot of spelling errors
2003-09-03Adjustments / cleanup for PPChameleon EVB boardwdenk
2003-09-02Fix compile problemwdenk
2003-09-02* Add support for PPChameleon Eval Boardwdenk
* Add support for P3G4 board * Fix problem with MGT5100 FEC driver: add "early" MAC address initialization
2003-08-31Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 7 Aug 2003:wdenk
According to the MPC8260 User's Manual, PCI_MODE signal should be reflected in SCCR register, and local bus pins configuration is taken from HRCW and appears in SIUMCR. For some reason it does not work this way, so the only possibility to detect if the board is configured in PCI mode is to check the BCSR. This patch sets SCCR and SIUMCR according to the BCSR.
2003-08-30Patch by Raghu Krishnaprasad, 7 Aug 2003:U-Boot-0_4_7wdenk
add support for Adder II MPC852T module
2003-08-29* Patch by George G. Davis, 19 Aug 2003:wdenk
fix TI Innovator/OMAP1510 pin configs * Patches by Kshitij, 18 Aug 2003 - add support for arm926ejs cpu core - add support for TI OMAP 1610 Innovator Board
2003-08-29Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 14 Aug 2003:wdenk
add support for bzip2 uncompression
2003-08-29Add I2C and RTC support for RMU board using software I2C driverwdenk
(because of better response to iprobe command); fix problem with "reset" command
2003-08-28Patch from Matthias Fuchs.stroese
2003-08-28* Fix ICU862 environment problemwdenk
* Fix RAM size detection for RMU board * Implement "reset" for MGT5100/MPC5200 systems
2003-08-17* Make Ethernet autonegotiation on INCA-IP work for all clock rates;U-Boot-0_4_6wdenk
allow selection of clock frequency as "make" target * Implement memory autosizing code for IceCube boards * Configure network port on INCA-IP for autonegotiation * Fix overflow problem in network timeout code * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 8 Aug 2003: Allow crc32 to be used at address 0x000 (crc32_no_comp, too).
2003-08-07Update for TQM board defaults:U-Boot-0_4_5wdenk
disable clocks_in_mhz, enable boot count limit
2003-08-07Removed tools/gdb from "make all" target. Added make target "gdbtools"dzu
in toplevel directory instead. Removed astest.c from tools/gdb because it is no longer relevant.
2003-08-07Disable debug print for normal use.wdenk
Fix MPC5200 FEC driver
2003-08-07Removed the file tools/gdb/astest.cdzu
2003-08-07Removed tools/gdb from "make all" target. Added make target "gdbtools"dzu
in toplevel directory instead. Removed astest.c from tools/gdb because it is no longer relevant.
2003-08-05* Fix PCI support for MPC5200 / IceCube Boardwdenk
2003-08-05* Map ISP1362 USB OTG controller for NSCU boardwdenk
* Patch by Brad Parker, 02 Aug 2003: fix sc520_cdp problems * Implement Boot Cycle Detection (Req. 2.3 of OSDL CGL Reqirements) * Allow erase command to cross flash bank boundaries
2003-07-31Must enable timebase earlier on MPC5200wdenk
2003-07-27* Patch by Scott McNutt, 21 Jul 2003:wdenk
Add support for LynuxWorks Kernel Downloadable Images (KDIs). Both LynxOS and BlueCat linux KDIs are supported. * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 25 Jul 2003: use more reliable reset for OMAP/925T * Patch by Nye Liu, 25 Jul 2003: fix typo in mpc8xx.h * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 24 Jul 2003: Fixes for cmd_nand.c: - Fixed null dereferece which could result in incorrect ECC values. - Added support for devices with no Ready/Busy signal hooked up. - Added OMAP1510 read/write protect handling. - Fixed nand.h's ECCPOS. A conflict existed with POS5 and badblock for non-JFFS2. - Switched default ECC to be JFFS2.
2003-07-26* Allow crc32 to be used at address 0x000wdenk
* Provide consistent interface to standalone applications to access the 'global_data' structure Provide a doc/README.standalone more useful to users/developers. * Make IceCube MGT5100 FEC driver work
2003-07-24* Implement new mechanism to export U-Boot's functions to standalonewdenk
applications: instead of using (PPC-specific) system calls we now use a jump table; please see doc/README.standalone for details * Patch by Dave Westwood, 24 Jul 2003: added support for Unity OS (a proprietary OS)
2003-07-17* Patch by Martin Krause, 17 Jul 2003:wdenk
add delay to get I2C working with "imm" command and s3c24x0_i2c.c * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 17 July 03: - Fixed bug in OMAP1510 baud rate divisor settings. * Patch by Nye Liu, 16 July 2003: MPC860FADS fixes: - add MPC86xADS support (uses MPC86xADS.h) - add 866P/T core support (also MPC859T/MPC859DSL/MPC852T) o PLPRCR changes o BRG changes (EXTAL/XTAL restricted to 10MHz) o don't trust gclk() software measurement by default, depend on CONFIG_8xx_GCLK_FREQ - add DRAM SIMM not installed detection - use more "correct" SDRAM initialization sequence - allow different SDRAM sizes (8xxADS has 8M) - default DER is 0 - remove unused MAMR defines from FADS860T.h (all done in fads.c) - rename MAMR/MBMR defines to be more consistent. Should eventually be merged into MxMR to better reflect the PowerQUICC datasheet. * Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 16 Jul 2003: support new Motorola PQ2FADS-ZU evaluation board which replaced MPC8260ADS and MPC8266ADS
2003-07-16* Add support for IceCube board (with MGT5100 and MPC5200 CPUs)U-Boot-0_4_4wdenk
* Add support for MGT5100 and MPC5200 processors
2003-07-16Incorporate Patch by Lutz Dennig, 15 Jul 2003.wdenk
2003-07-15Mode modem init support to F3+F4 key combinationU-Boot-0_4_3wdenk