AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-19imximage: Sort bootops alphabetically2012.01.1Dirk Behme
2012-01-19imximage: Add support for i.MX6Dirk Behme
2012-01-19imximage: Add MX53 to the documentationDirk Behme
2012-01-19common/image.c: align usage of fdt_high with initrd_highShawn Guo
2012-01-19mx6q: Add fdt_high and initrd_high variablesDirk Behme
2012-01-19mx6x_pins: fix uart txd definitionsTroy Kisky
2012-01-19mx6qsabrelite: setup uart1 pinmuxTroy Kisky
2012-01-19mx6qsabrelite: add SPI NOR supportEric Nelson
2012-01-19mx6q: add ECSPI pad settingsEric Nelson
2012-01-19add imx_ecspi driverEric Nelson
2012-01-19fec_mxc: move autonegoatiate restart after mii_postcallTroy Kisky
2012-01-19fsl_esdhc: fix PIO mode transfersIra W. Snyder
2012-01-19mx6qsabrelite: enet: force master, maximize tx clock delayTroy Kisky
2012-01-19mx6qsabrelite: add CONFIG_PHY_MICREL_KSZ9021Troy Kisky
2012-01-19miiphyutil: add Micrel KSZ9021 support to miiphy_speedTroy Kisky
2012-01-19fec_mxc: increase autonegotiation timeoutTroy Kisky
2012-01-19fec_mxc: add 1000 Mbps selectionTroy Kisky
2012-01-19mx6qsabrelite: use IMX_GPIO_NR macroTroy Kisky
2012-01-19i.mx6:imx6q: allign MAC address with burned-in orderingJason Liu
2012-01-19i.mx6q: mx6qarm2: Enable the usboh3 clockEric Nelson
2012-01-19i.mx6q: mx6qsabrelite: Enable the usboh3 clockEric Nelson
2012-01-19imx: mx6q: add aipstz init for off platform periphJason Liu
2012-01-19arm: imx6q: add anatop regulator initJason Chen
2012-01-19arm: imx6q: add axi cache and qos settingJason Chen
2012-01-19sdhc_boot: Introduce CONFIG_FSL_FIXED_MMC_LOCATION optionFabio Estevam
2012-01-19i.mx6q: mx6qsabrelite: Add the ethernet function supportJason Liu
2012-01-19i.mx6q: mx6qsabrelite: Change default mmcdev and boot commandEric Miao
2012-01-19i.mx: i.mx6q: add the initial support for i.mx6q Sabre Lite boardDirk Behme
2012-01-19i.mx6q: arm2: Add the enet function supportJason Liu
2012-01-19fec: add the i.mx6q enet driver supportJason Liu
2012-01-19i.mx: i.mx6q: Add the enet clock functionJason Liu
2012-01-19i.mx: fsl_esdhc: add the i.mx6q supportJason Liu
2012-01-19EXYNOS: SMDK5250: Add MMC SPL supportChander Kashyap
2012-01-19EXYNOS: Add SMDK5250 board supportChander Kashyap
2012-01-19ARM: EXYNOS: Add support for Exynos5 based SoCsChander Kashyap
2012-01-19Exynos: Clock.c: Use CONFIG_SYS_CLK_FREQ macroChander Kashyap
2012-01-19Origen: Select SCLKMPLL as FIMD0 parent clockChander Kashyap
2012-01-19Exynos: Fix ARM Clock frequency calculationChander Kashyap
2012-01-19Exynos: PWM: Add TCMPB3 field in pwm structureChander Kashyap
2012-01-19debugX to debugJohn Rigby
2012-01-19HACK: Bypass normal mmc if CONFIG_SNOWBALL_MMC_HACKJohn Rigby
2012-01-19HACK: Copy in alternate mmc files for snowballJohn Rigby
2012-01-19snowball: arm cpu: inv and clean of L2Per Forlin
2012-01-19snowball: igloo copy port of board specific filesPer Forlin
2012-01-19snowball: add snowball to boards.cfgPer Forlin
2012-01-19snowball: igloo copy port of gpio driver supportJohn Rigby
2012-01-19snowball: igloo copy port of armv7/u8500 and include/asm/arch-u8500Per Forlin
2012-01-19DSUBOOT: fix memcpy and printfJohn Rigby
2012-01-19USB: dsuboot.c Use accessors for accessing wMaxPacketSizeJohn Rigby
2012-01-19OMAP4: Fix USB SPL Boot build errorsJohn Rigby